Funds Raised for Homeless Veterans

Submitted by Marolyn Tocker

Funds Raised for Homeless Veterans – Farmers’ Market, Esterhazy, 2018

Last summer I set up a small table at the local Farmers’ Market for the purpose of raising funds for homeless veterans on the streets of Regina.

A few women donated food, adding to my own produce. I made a jar available for financial contributions if anyone wished to contribute. I said that all proceeds from sales and donations would go to a rescue mission in Regina, and that an anonymous person had offered to match any donations the mission received.

I did it three times. The total amount came to $450.00. Each time at the end of the market, I asked another person there to count the money, and to sign the envelope containing the cash, verifying the amount. The money was recounted, by the same person, just prior to my taking the envelopes in to the Mission’s accounting office. After the accountant counted the cash, I asked for a general receipt, and then showed it to the person from Esterhazy. I say all this to let those who contributed know the amount raised, and how the money was handled.

The Mission verified that this amount would indeed be matched, for a total donation of $900.00. I asked that this amount be earmarked for homeless veterans. The shelters know who they are, or at least a few of them.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. The homelessness of veterans is a very deep wound in our country.

Esterhazy Lions donations continue with $10,000 to EHS football field

Esterhazy Lions Club is continuing to make donations to local causes from the “Chase The Ace” lottery. Here is the current list of donations made so far…

  • $10,000 to Esterhazy High School football field upgrade project
  • $2500 to KIDSPORT
  • $500 to Esterhazy Flour Mill
  • $2000 to Jean Pask Library
  • $2000 to Esterhazy Legion

The pictures below show those donations being made.



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a special meeting of the members of North Valley Credit Union will be held at the North Valley Credit Union Esterhazy Branch, in the Province of Saskatchewan, the 4th day of March, 2019, at 5:15 P.M. the purpose of which is to consider and if thought fit to approve a special resolution to rescind the existing bylaws of the Credit Union and enact new Bylaws that among other things reduce the number of Directors for the Credit Union from 9 to 7.

A copy of the proposed bylaws is available at the Credit Union.

Dated: January 24th, 2019
Signed: Amy MacKenzie
Executive Assistant


View the PDF of the above information below.

notice special meeting january 2019

Potashville Music Festival details

The popular Potashville Music Festival is quickly approaching, and more details are now available. Dates include:-

  • March 11-12 Band and guitar
  • March 13-14 Piano
  • March 15 Voice and speech arts
  • March 18 Final concert and awards gala.

All entries must be in the hands of the entry secretary on January 31, 2019. The entry secretary is Jo-anne Roulstone, Box 967, Langenburg, SoA 2A0. Tel 306-743-2862, or email

Much more information is available, including entry forms, at the Potashville Music Festival Facebook page. HERE.

NVCU donates water bottles to PJ Gillen school


How many bottles of water have you enjoyed today? For many adults the answer is staggeringly low. However, if old habits die hard, then the younger people can be encouraged to drink water the better it will be for their health, both now and in the future. Given that reality, it is indeed pleasing to hear that North Valley Credit Union just donated water bottles to the entire student body of PJ Gillen School. The picture above shows Amy MacKenzie and Niki Rink with some of the students. Here’s to your good health children.

Congratulations Violet Schwitzer on your retirement!


Congratulations Violet Schwitzer on your retirement!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and your fellow workers I want to congratulate you on your retirement after 38 years of faithful service to the Credit Union System of Saskatchewan and more specifically to North Valley Credit Union and Stockholm Savings and Credit Union.

We all wish you great happiness in your retirement and all the very best in the future.

Amy MacKenzie

Executive Assistant,


$20,050 donated towards upgrades at EHS football field

In the fall of 2018 North Valley Credit Union decided to propose a matching donation with the proceeds going towards the upgrades required to the football field at the Esterhazy High School. The Warriors needed a far better facility upon which to play their games. NVCU put out a challenge to the community to help with this project and provided $ 10,000.00 towards this worthwhile goal. NVCU expresses its thanks to all those individuals and businesses in our area for meeting this challenge and enabling us to achieve a full match for the donation. On December 20th Donna Overland, President and Roy Spence CEO of North Valley Credit Union presented a cheque for $ 20,050.00 to several individuals from the Esterhazy High School and the Warriors football club.

This donation further illustrates that the support given to the North Valley Credit Union by individuals and businesses in the area is returned to the communities that we serve. This fulfills one of the co-operative principles which is “Concern for Community”. By providing such donations to worthwhile projects within our communities it ensures that everyone can share in the benefits derived from having a successful local credit union.

NVCU donates to Palliative Care Unit


Pictured above are Donna Overland, President of North Valley Credit Union and Roy Spence, CEO & General Manager of NVCU presenting a cheque for $ 10,000.00 to Daniela Fiske and Kim Rutzki of St. Anthony’s Hospital.

At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors one of the Directors who sadly had to make use of the Palliative Care Unit at St. Anthony’s Hospital commented on how the facility could really use an upgrade to the furnishing. The idea being with that with new furnishings people visiting their loved ones could stay longer and perhaps even overnight if the furnishing could facilitate this. The Board of Directors made a motion to donate $ 10,000.00 to the Palliative Care Unit at St. Anthony’s Hospital this December.

This is another example of how North Valley Credit Union “gives back” and supports the communities we serve. It also fulfills one of the co-operative principles which is “Concern for Community”.

Donna Overland, on behalf of the Board of Directors, wishes to thank St. Anthony’s Hospital and all those people who work there for providing such a vital service to our community and the district.