Update regarding Potashville Music Festival

Here’s an update we received this week regarding the upcoming Potashville Music Festival. – Kenneth

We hope that the students that are involved with the performing arts, are having a look at narrowing down their choices for their performances at this year’s POTASHVILLE MUSIC FESTIVAL😊 Entry deadline is JAN 26🎼

For information on classes, please view the online syllabus –http://smfa.ca/wp-conte…/uploads/…/05/2016-2018-Syllabus.pdf Pease also visit the SMFA website to find more information about our festival with regards to entries, entry fees, scholarships and awards: Click on “Festivals,” then “District Festivals” followed by “Potashville Music Festival.”

The image shown here needs to be filled with volunteers to work various jobs for the festival. If you are able to work a shift, please FB message, text or phone Katherine Miller at 306-745-8504 to sign up and for any questions you have about the volunteer duties.

Volunteer duties include:
1. Admissions/Cashier
– Work at the door, taking admissions & selling programs
– Keep record of cash at the door when session is over
2. Door Monitor
– Ensure no one enters during a performance (often this job can be combined with Admissions
3. Board Monitor
– Print out entries on white board during a session (class & name of competitor)
4. Adjudicator’s Secretary
– Receive music from participants & keep in order
– Give music and marking sheets to adjudicator
– Call out name of next competitor as soon as adjudicator is done writing comments
– Keep record of all marks in Secretary’s recording book
– Make out 1st and 2nd place certificates & include mark

2018’s Calendars are filling up

It’s only January 3rd, and already there are around 70 dates and events listed on the Community Calendars for January through March. Make this your “go to” place for announcements. Check out the links in the menu above, or in the list below. Remember, community announcements are free, and we are now also open for paid commercial announcements on a per-item (no contracts needed) basis.

January Calendar is HERE

February Calendar is HERE

March Calendar is HERE


Happy New Year – What do you want to see in 2018?

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May 2018 be a great year for all of you. I am interested in knowing what YOU wish for most in 2018. What do you want to see happening in the world, and in the local area? Drop me a note via the contact form. Just a sentence or two is fine, or just a few bullet points. If there’s enough of a response, I’ll make up a quick article in the next few weeks, sharing the basic themes, but without identifying the people who commented. – Kenneth

Christmas message from Kenneth J Kerr

Greetings everyone, Merry Christmas and compliments of the season. I wish you all a healthy, happy time of peace and wellbeing.

At this time I want to talk about the future of this website. The North Valley Credit Union Community Announcer/EsterhazyOnline, has been open for about four months now. I really appreciate the 2000 or so hits every month, and I hope you are gaining value from it. However, the success of this venture also depends on you.

The vision for this website is not to restore the original EsterhazyOnline. It’s not intended to be an all-out news site. We are happy to leave news reporting to the Miner-Journal, and wish to support Brenda and her team in the continuance of the paper. What this site is intended to be, is the go-to place for announcements for the Esterhazy area.

So where can you play a role in its success? Simple. If we don’t know about it we can’t tell people about it. If we do know about it, we can help you promote it. Bottom line, we need you to keep us informed. So, we ask the local schools, churches, social clubs, service organizations, sports teams, youth groups, the museum, the library, etc, to please keep us in the loop. If you have an upcoming event or happening, send us the details and we’ll promote it on this site, in the calendars, and on facebook. Do that and this site will be a vibrant success. Don’t do it, and there will be less to see on this site. It’s as simple as that.

The good thing is that all non-profit, charitable and fund-raising notices are already paid for by North Valley Credit Union. So there’s no excuse for not telling us about what you have planned.

Now, what about commercial announcements? Beginning in January, 2018, we are opening the door to business adverts.  It won’t be a sponsorship situation like the old EsterhazyOnline, it will be an advert by advert basis, with rates yet to be announced. In short, if you have a business or commercial announcement to make, you can now promote it here as well. We will add it to the calendars, facebook, etc. There will be no longterm commitments to make, nothing to sign, you tell us, you pay us, and the announcement will go up for a prescribed time period. Once again, please get in touch with us.

Together, we can build on the foundation of this platform, let’s make it indeed the go-to place for what’s happening in Esterhazy and the area.

– Kenneth

Pick up the Christmas edition of the Miner-Journal

A note from the Miner-Journal

Our annual Christmas issue is here and it is packed with Santa letters, Clergy Messages, drawings, Christmas poems, recipes and Christmas memories from area children and families.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who submitted Christmas letters, photos, drawings, messages and recipes. It is very much appreciated. THANK YOU to all the businesses who advertised their Christmas Greetings in this issue. Without your support there would be no newspaper in Esterhazy. Please show your support back and shop locally. The staff and I feel this is the best Christmas issue yet, thanks to all of you. – Brenda Matchett, Publisher, Miner-Journal.

Make sure you grab your copy, it is only in the stores until Dec. 24. From all of us at The Miner-Journal, may you and yours have a very Merry Christmas filled with love, family and blessings. Thank you for your continued support over the past year. – Brenda & Brad, Terri and Christina and their families Our New Year’s issue will be out Dec. 27, and then we will be closed until Jan. 9.

Submissions invited for the Christmas edition of Miner-Journal

My friends at the Miner-Journal newspaper are putting together material for the Christmas edition, and they’re inviting submissions from local children, and those who are still children at heart. The deadline is December 11, so you’ll need to get your thinking caps on! Suggestions include:-

  • Letters to Santa
  • Christmas artwork
  • Christmas poems
  • Christmas family traditions
  • and more..

Please refer to the poster below for more details.


2018 Potashville Music Festival will be held in Esterhazy

The 2018 Potashville Music Festival will be held in Esterhazy. The venues will be Esterhazy High School, and Esterhazy Baptist Church. The following announcement comes from the new facebook page for the event.

Welcome to the Potashville Music Festival Page 2018, with this year’s festival being held in Esterhazy. Please mark the following dates on your calendar:

  • March 5 – BAND
  • March 6 – BAND ENSEMBLES (solos, duets, trios, etc.)
  • March 7, 8 – PIANO
  • March 9 – VOICE & VERSE

If you or your child, tween or teen has a love of music and the performing arts, then this festival is for you! If your child is taking music lessons, or plays an instrument, or loves to sing or act or recite poetry, we invite you to share in conversation with your children and teachers about the festival and begin to have a look at pieces they would like to perform at this year’s festival. For information on classes, please view the syllabus in the link shown below. Also, please visit the SMFA website where you will find more information about our festival on the “Festivals” with regards to entries, entry fees, scholarships, and awards. Esterhazy High school will be the venue for the school bands on March 5, with the remainder of the festival dates being held at the Esterhazy Baptist Church.

The Potashville Music Festival facebookpage is HERE


Have you picked up the latest Miner-Journal?

North Valley Credit Union, and EsterhazyOnline, are supporters of the Miner-Journal newspaper, and we encourage our site visitors to be MJ readers too. Here are the headlines from the current edition of the paper.

  • Moonlight Madness in Esterhazy – Dec. 7
  • Local musicians perform to a packed theatre
  • Fentanyl patches stolen from pharmacy in Melville
  • December is alive with events in Esterhazy
  • Reminder to parents: Winter regulations for Students
  • Saskatchewan taking zero tolerance stance against drug-impaired drivers
  • Skate Esterhazy attends Saskatchewan Sectionals
  • Government of Sask committing funding to support anti-bullying
  • Police watching for impaired drivers far and wide

Pick up a copy at the grocery stores, pharmacies, all gas stations in Esterhazy. Or, at Stockholm Foods, Tantallon Co-op, Langenburg Pharmasave, and Churchbridge Co-op. You can also buy one at the Miner-Journal office.