September 22, 2017

CRA Hoaxers are still at it – Read this republished article from two years ago!

It’s around two years ago that I published the article below. It tells of my horror when I first received a hoax call claiming to be from the CRA. I am re-publishing it! Why? Because I still get two or three calls A DAY from these swines, and I know many others do too. Since that first call I am wise to their tricks. If you want to get wise too, I suggest you go onto…

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A message from NVCU regarding the Canada Savings Bond Program


September 21, 2017

Twin Valley Riding Club trail ride announced for October 15

The Twin Valley Riding Club has announced a trail ride. It will be held on October 15, 2017 at Trevor Nicholauson’s Farm. The ride begins at 2pm, with a free barbecue at 4pm. Those attending are asked to bring their own lawn chairs, and…

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BBQ announced at Brylee Developments for hospital and care home project

Brylee Developments, and Living Skies Realty, have announced an upcoming barbecue on October 2, with proceeds going to the new hospital/carehome project. The event will take place at…

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What’s in the Miner-Journal newspaper next week?

North Valley Credit Union, and EsterhazyOnline, are supporters of the Miner-Journal newspaper. Therefore, each week we will publish the headlines for the upcoming edition of the paper. We encourage our readers to be MJ readers too. Here are the headlines from NEXT WEEK’S Miner-Journal newspaper…

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So why did North Valley Credit Union decide to go solar?

Being in the financial service industry North Valley Credit Union is hardly a big user of electrical power. But, we learned of the benefits of installing a solar array from Broadview Co-op and began our own investigations. Approximately 34% of the mega-watts generated in Saskatchewan come from the burning of coal. We know that burning coal to generate electricity results in some pretty toxic chemicals being released into the atmosphere. Many forms of electrical generation are far less damaging to the environment such as hydro-electric, wind and solar. Two main considerations went into our decision to go down the road of generating our own electricity via a solar panel system. The first was…

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Esterhazy golf course thank you’s and summer project updates

The following notice was received from Vick Paidel regarding the Esterhazy golf course. Hi to Everyone; I want to take the time to thank some groups & companies for the donations they have so generously provided the golf course & clubhouse. I want to thank the Ladies club for paying the whole bill for recoating the clubhouse roof. The work was definetly past due & the Ladies Club made it possible to have the work completed. I would like to thank Crush-rite Concrete for the donation of concrete for in front of #9 tee box & 18 roadway that was put around the inlets of culverts. Thanks also goes to Icon Const./ Parkland Mfg & PC Place for the…

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Town of Esterhazy precautionary boil water advisory now lifted

The Town of Esterhazy has now lifted the precautionary boil water advisory, based upon communication from the Water Security Agency. Below is a copy of the letter to the Town of Esterhazy from that agency…

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“Weekly Encouragement” – Living in the present moment

The greatest gift you can give yourself today is to learn to live in the present moment. Great books have been written about living in the now, and ancient texts have always told us to have no worry about tomorrow. There’s a reason for this thinking. No matter how many years you have behind you or ahead of you, you only ever experience life one moment at a time. But it’s so easy to forget this isn’t it? As human beings we seem to have the tendency to…

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September 15, 2017

2017’s Charity Golf Classic – Report, pictures, and fundraising result

The 17th Annual Esterhazy & District Charity Golf Classic took place at Esterhazy golf course on Monday, September 11. Unlike last year, the weather accompanying the event was perfect, and this surely added to the spirit of the occasion, where fun, friendship, and the fellowship of kindred spirits united in a common cause, reigned supreme. In the evening, the golfers and guests gathered at the Boreen hall to enjoy the supper, once more…

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September 14, 2017

Many new additions to the Community Calendars today

There have been many new additions to the September and October Community Calendars today. These have included an announcement from Redeemer Lutheran Church regarding a bake sale, the Annual Lions Trail Ride and Wagon Trek, a Novice and Atom Hockey tournament, and all known events for both Esterhazy High School and P.J. Gillen School for those two months. More additions to follow as they…

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Introducing the “Weekly Encouragement” column

I’ve just added a new page to this website, you can see it in the menu under the title Weekly Encouragement. We all need encouragement from time to time. We need it when life gets us down and we’re not sure we can cope. We also need it when we’re striving toward the attainment of a goal, when a dose of inspiration would help. For a little while I’ll be reproducing pages from my book “This Book is the Perfect Gift” and…

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Esterhazy Lions Club announces the Annual Trail Ride & Wagon Trek

The Esterhazy and district Lions Club has announced their Annual Trail Ride & Wagon Trek for Saturday, September 23. It will take place at the Duane & Cindy Bartok farm (8 miles south & ½ mile west of Esterhazy – south of Qu’Appelle river). Riders – $10.00. Pancake breakfast and registration – 8:30 to 10:00am. Ride leaves at 11:00am. Hamburgers & hotdogs after the ride. Door prizes, prizes for oldest and…

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Regina walkers tour Esterhazy attractions

Fifty-seven members of the Northgate Walkers from Regina toured the Esterhazy Community Museum, The Potash Interpretive Center, and the Esterhazy Flour Mill the Morning of…

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Advanced road construction notice from R.M. of Fertile Belt

Please be advised that there will be construction commencing soon (exact date unknown) on the road known as the “Long Ravine Road” and once construction commences, this road will be closed until the project is complete. This is a North/South road located…

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September 13, 2017

The new EsterhazyOnline publication schedule

Just a quick “heads up” for everyone. The new EsterhazyOnline, (now NVCU Community Announcer), will work with the following publication schedule each week. Incoming E-mails, press releases, and event notice submissions, will be reviewed on a Thursday morning with a view to publishing on the site during Thursday afternoons and Fridays. If you have anything to put in for this week, please use the contact form today. Those who have the old e-mail address may use that as well. Keep us informed and we can, in turn, keep the readers informed…

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September 9, 2017

EsterhazyOnline and North Valley Credit Union create “NVCU Community Announcer”

We have hinted on facebook, and when meeting people in town, that EsterhazyOnline is coming back. Today, we are proud to announce the opening of the re-branded, re-conceptualized site, complete with a new name… “NVCU COMMUNITY ANNOUNCER – In Conjunction with EsterhazyOnline.” North Valley Credit Union is underwriting this new incarnation of EsterhazyOnline, and if it were not for them, this development would not be taking place. So let’s talk about what this revised version of EsterhazyOnline will be, and what it won’t be…

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September 8, 2017

Esterhazy Mayor’s Message, September 2017

As promised, this month’s Mayor’s Message is going to deal with operational costs over the last three years. It should be noted that the financial data that is being reported here was the result of decisions made by the previous Council and not the Council of today. As well, the costs outlined are operational costs and do not include…

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August 30, 2017

RM of Spy Hill pledges a second round of $600,000 towards hospital and care home

Recently, the Rural Municipality of Spy Hill pledged a second donation of $600,000 towards the hospital and care home project in Esterhazy. In this picture we see two cheques being displayed to signify the now $1.2 million dollars being donated by the RM. In the picture:- Back row….

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August 22, 2017

Job Posting for North Valley Credit Union

North Valley Credit Union is seeking a highly motivated financial services professional to provide complex and confidential administrative and secretarial support to the CEO/General Manager.

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August 22, 2017

A bigger vision for world-class healthcare in the Esterhazy District

By Kenneth James Kerr

On September 11, 2017, the 17th Annual Esterhazy & District Charity Golf Classic will take place at the Esterhazy golf course. The event is the major fundraiser for new healthcare facilities in the area, and its continuation each year is due to both the determination of a dedicated group of people who organize it, and the incredible support of the many companies, local authorities, and individuals who donate or pledge towards the building of a new hospital in Esterhazy.

For those visionaries who keep the dream alive, the journey has been characterized by both victories and disappointments. Every successful fundraising event is a victory, as is every positive meeting with a government representative. However….

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