EsterhazyOnline closes

and announces

Save The Archive campaign


kjktammy-1Friday, October 14, 2016:- Ladies and gentlemen, today I have to announce that EsterhazyOnline has ceased business operations, effective immediately.

Although readership has remained enthusiastically high, over the last year and a half I have seen business after business dropping their support of the site as the demands on their own decreasing revenues have increased.

Despite every effort to resuscitate this business and to keep it alive, including  sales calls, regionalization attempts, and even asking readers to support the site, it is now clear that I am flogging a dead horse. With revenue down to just a few hundred dollars a month now, it is over.

On the positive side… Looking back over the past 46 months, I am very proud of what was accomplished with this business. To achieve 4.66 million hits with a small-town news business was nothing short of amazing. And, make no mistake, I want to thank every business owner and entrepreneur who supported me, even those who had to withdraw support as the local economy changed. I am also thankful for the readers, many of whom encouraged me with appreciative comments over the years.

On the personal side… I can tell you that I’ve never worked so hard in my life as I have this past 46 months. For the longest time I was at almost every event, and many of you were amazed by that. What you did not see was that for most major events I photographed, there was an unseen five or more hours spent reviewing, editing and uploading pictures to the site. I saw the wee small hours more times than I care to remember because this was always a one-person operation. I am proud of that effort.

I therefore do not consider the closure of EsterhazyOnline to be a defeat. It was a success. It served the audience, brought unlimited publicity opportunities to businesses who chose to fully use it, and gave away free publicity for 46 months to countless community events, fundraisers and organizations. Truth be told, when I add up the potential financial value of the free publicity given away, it exceeds the income I earned by a massive factor. I would not make that mistake again were I starting over.

Yes, this has been a learning experience indeed, but it has served its purpose. With the devastating fall in sponsorship revenues, EsterhazyOnline has become an amenity that is no longer being sufficiently supported to ensure continuance.

So what now? With EsterhazyOnline now out of business, there will be no further updates to the website. However, the site will remain on the internet until the end of 2016, when annual hosting fees are required to keep it online.

If the site completely disappears, that would be a shame, but at this stage of the game that’s probably what will happen. Unless YOU want it to stay accessible as a static historical resource for another year. So I am launching a “SAVE THE ARCHIVE” campaign for those who might be so inclined.

EsterhazyOnline has captured the happenings of this community in a way that has never been done before in the history of this town. More than 20,000 pictures reside on this site, and it is a one-of-a-kind archive celebrating the life of this community and surrounding area from January 2013 to October 2016.

  • EHS Graduation pictures
  • School play pictures
  • School music festival pictures
  • Hazy Dayz pictures
  • Hockey pictures
  • Football pictures
  • Skating gala pictures
  • Curling pictures
  • Golf pictures
  • Fundraiser event pictures
  • Local drama production pictures
  • Entertainment event pictures
  • Trade Show pictures
  • Rodeo pictures
  • AND the associated written articles!

What a shame if all this is erased from history at the end of 2016. So, please think about this. If enough of you make a donation to the campaign, EsterhazyOnline will remain accessible as a static historical reference through to the end of 2017.

How much will it take to ensure that? If $2000 is raised in donations by December 6th, 2016, I will renew the hosting and keep the site accessible for another year. Remember, there will be no updates, but it will be there for your reminiscing for all of 2017.

If you want to make a donation of any amount, please mail to:- EsterhazyOnline, Box 683, Esterhazy. S0A, 0X0. Cheques can be dated for Dec 6th, 2016 and made out to “Kenneth Kerr.” If we achieve $2000 in donations by that date, the cheques will be cashed and the site will stay up for 2017. If we do not reach the $2000 goal, all cheques will be ripped up and the site will disappear in the last week of 2016. The ball is in your court.

In closing, I sincerely thank the businesses that have stayed with us to the end. I know you hoped we’d be around to serve you for longer, and that was truly my hope too. But, I just cannot keep it going. The emotional strain of working this business for zero income is just too much, and I must move on to other things. I trust as fellow entrepreneurs you will understand that.

Best Regards,

Kenneth J. Kerr

 Ps… I encourage you to support the Miner Journal newspaper as the only remaining source of news for Esterhazy now. And, for those who have enjoyed my writing, please visit and subscribe to