Esterhazy Ladies Night Golf Family Fun Night

Ladies, do you fancy making golf an enjoyable part of your summer? Then you need to know about “Esterhazy Ladies Night Golf.” It’s going to be a weekly feature, and the Facebook group states this…

* Come and join us on Monday nights for some ladies night golf!!

* Shot gun start at 5:30 pm every Monday night.

* $3.00 entry plus golf and cart fees if applicable.

* ANY level of golfer welcome!!

Tomorrow night (June 1st), they’re having their first Family Fun Night. Here’s the announcement.

Hi Everyone
We are going to have our first Family Fun Night
Friday June 1st (weather permitting)
Tee Off time starts at 5:30 P.M.
Entry fee is $1.00 per person. (if you are not a member you must pay regular trail fees as well).
This week we are going to play “best ball”
We will be teeing off from the 150 yard markers.
Anyone and everyone is welcome. You can come as a single, couple, family, age does not matter.
If you have not golfed and would like to try golfing this is the perfect day to do it.
Any questions please message Kendra.

Vick / Kendra Paidel

The Facebook group may be visited HERE

EHS Football Field and Track Upgrade Project

NOTE:- Article revised because original press release from GSSD did not mention the timescale of the Mosaic donation, and it was easy to misinterpret that the donation had only just been made when it was in fact made last year.


GSSD has announced the Football Field & Track Upgrade Project at EHS, and donations are now being sought from both corporate entities and individuals.   Below are excerpts from an official information release, and the full PDF documents may be accessed at the bottom of this page.

The Esterhazy football field and track has been in desperate need of upgrades for years and lacks proper drainage making it difficult to use much of the time. Esterhazy is the hub of our junior and senior football program drawing students from Stockholm, Dubuc, Atwater, Langenburg, Churchbridge, Gerald, Yarbo, Spy Hill, and Tantallon. We also host an annual district track meet in Esterhazy for students from these communities as well.

We are very thankful for Mosaic’s $50,000 donation to get us started! This exciting project includes excavation of the existing field with proper grading, drainage, and compaction; and installation of a pop‐up sprinkler system. Materials required include top soil, grass seed, concrete, and shale. To date, the field has been professionally surveyed, specifications have been received, and we are in the process of inviting local tenders for a general contractor. This is estimated to be approximately $200,000; therefore, we are very grateful for any donations in the form of labour, materials, and/or money.

Major contributors will be recognized on signage located in a prominent location on the football field. We are grateful for any donations of any amount, and receipts will be provided for anything over $20. Cheques should be payable to Good Spirit School Division and note it is for the EHS Football Field and Track project. The first 50 who donate over $1000 get their choice of a game worn jersey or helmet from the Warriors as a keepsake.

PDF Documents:-

  1. Football and Track Project Upgrade Information Document
  2. Advertisement for Sponsorship Information



Skate Esterhazy’s season comes to an end

(Article and Pictures Submitted)

On March 27th members of the star skate and competitive program were given the opportunity to perform one last time in front of family and friends. After the on ice presentation, skaters and coaches proceeded upstairs where they enjoyed a potluck supper organized by the senior skaters. After the supper, family and friends joined them where the annual awards/badges were presented.

Test badges were presented to those skaters that completed tests, as well as Skate Esterhazy recognized the Canskate program assistants as well as graduate Kaydence Banga. Teams of the year were presented with team 2 winning with a total of 367 points. First year skater of the year, sponsored by the coaches was presented to Brielle Fuhr. Brielle also took home the recreational skater of the year award which was sponsored by Skate Esterhazy. Skaters choice, sponsored by the coaches went to Marty Haubrich. The last award and most prestigious award, sponsored by Josephine and the Late Harry Moore was won by Alexa Nagy. Runners up were Michael Romanchook, Cayleigh Banga and Skylar Pangracs.

Click any image below to open the viewer.

Skating News update

Skate Esterhazy members continued to keep busy during the month of March.

On March 10th Marty traveled to Saskatoon to take part in the rehearsal for the Saskatchewan Stars On Ice Tour which would begin in Spiritwood on the 11th, followed by performances in Shaunavon, Estevan and Leroy. Every year members of the Skate Saskatchewan High Performance Team tour the province to provide entertainment to communities that have to bid to host. Team members not only put on a great show but they also tour the local schools as well as help out with the local clubs.

The year end test day was held in Yorkton on Friday March 23 with the following passing tests:

Andy Romanchook: Junior Silver Freeskate Part A and 14 Step

Mike Romanchook: Junior Silver Freeskate Part B, Senior Bronze Skills, 14Step, European and Keats Foxtrot

Tessa Helmeczi: 14Step

Sara Heise: 14Step

Shelby Heise: Jr Silver Skills and Blues

Skating update

The Jean Norman/STARSkate competition took place in Swift Current on March 2-4. Skate Esterhazy had great representation with six skaters bringing home a total of 9 medals. Below are the results:-

  • Cayleigh Banga: 8th in star 6 jumps flight 1, 5th in star 6 freeskate flight 2, 7th in star 6 spins flight 1
  • Kaydence Banga: 1st in star 6 spins flight 3, 7th in gold interpretive, 6th in star 5 freeskate, 6th in star 5 jumps flight 3
  • Alexa Nagy: 2nd in star 7/8 Jumps, 3rd in star 6 spins, 9th in star 7 freeskate
  • Skylar Pangracs: 2nd in star 4 spins, 1st in star 4 jumps, 2nd in star 4 freeskate
  • Braida LeNouail: 1st in gold spins, 2nd in gold interpretive
  • Tessa Helmeczi: 5th in Juvenile U12 spins, 2nd in Juvenile U12 jumps, 6th in Juvenile U12 freeskate
  • Marty Haubrich also had a busy weekend as he traveled to Gull Lake to assist the Skate Saskatchewan section with the annual Black Boots seminar.


L-R: Tessa Helmeczi, Cayleigh Banga, Kaydence Banga, Braida LeNouail, Alexa Nagy, Skylar Pangracs


Skate Esterhazy badges and ribbons

Our club would not exist without the Canskate program. CanSkate is Skate Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program, which is designed for beginners of any age. Canskate teaches fundamental movements and basic skills through a complete series of balance, control and agility skills that will prepare skaters for any ice skating sport or recreational skating, as well as it is designed for 90% movement so skaters learn in an active and fun group setting.

Thanks to Bev Pangracs and Madison Tocher, our coaches as well as to our program assistants: Marty, Braida, Alexa, Kaydence, Shelby, Cayleigh, Skylar and Mike!! Also to our Canskate coordinators Deneille and Andrea!! 👏👏. And last but certainly not least to our Canskaters for working hard each and every day and helping make our Canskate program a success!!

The following are the badges and ribbons that have been achieved in the first half of the season:-

Katherine Hall—Balance 2 ribbon
Ashmaan Tarique—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon, Control 1 ribbon, Balance 1 ribbon, Stage 1 Badge, Agility 2 ribbon
Waylinn Kada—Precanskate ribbon, Control 1 ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Ruby Oxtoby—Precanskate ribbon, Control 1 ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon, Agility 2 ribbon
Harley Madayag—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon, Balance 1 ribbon
Charly Manyfingers—Balance 1 ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon, Agility 2 ribbon, Stage 1 Badge
Lamar Urzada—Balance 1 ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon, Control 1 ribbon, Stage 1 Badge, Agility 2 ribbon
Kimberly Lacharity—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon, Balance 1 ribbon
Reegan Bot—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Bridger Unchulenko—Control 4 ribbon, Balance 4 ribbon, Stage 4 Badge
Ianna Dela Cruz—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Vivian Vaughn—Control 1 ribbon, Balance 1 ribbon, Stage 1 Badge
Claire Farough—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Raykel Silversides—Agility 1 ribbon, Agility 2 ribbon
Leila Kuntz—Balance 1 ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Abigail Robleski—Control 1 ribbon
Shaymaan Tarique—Precanskate ribbon, Control 1 ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Aiden Smith—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Maysa Johnston—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Evie Bogard—Precanskate ribbon, Agility 1 ribbon
Isabelle Chomos—Agility 1 ribbon
Jacob Psutka—Precanskate ribbon
Ty Lingelbach—Precanskate ribbon
Maelynn Restau—Precanskate ribbon
Steele Sandilands—Agility 1 ribbon, Balance 1 ribbon
Ben Unchulenko—Precanskate ribbon
Henrik Unchulenko—Agility 1 ribbon
Lillian Vaughn—Precanskate ribbon
Jovi Chewka—Precanskate ribbon
Cardell Noble—Agility 3 ribbon