The glassy but classy look at NVCU

This week marks the re-opening of many businesses across the country as we slowly return to normal. But, for North Valley Credit Union, the doors were opened on June 1st, meaning I was able to pop in last week and check out their fancy new glass partitions.

It’s funny really, growing up in the UK in the 1960’s, I seem to recall every financial institution having glass between the tellers and clients just as a matter of course. Coming to Canada 32 years ago, and discovering a more “open plan” architecture, well.. that felt a little strange to me back then. And so it is that the new partitions seem to engender a feeling of deja vu for me.

And so, I present in these pictures the “New look” NVCU. You could say it is “Glassy yet classy.” The tempered glass has been installed at all front office workstations, and will remain as a feature even when the current health situation has passed. It will represent an ongoing safety precaution to protect everyone’s health, no matter what bug may be in the air at the time.

NVCU is delighted to welcome back existing (and new) clients into the building, and they will continue to offer the sterling service for which they are known. However, it is also understandable that even with the safety precautions, some people may still be a little reluctant to venture “out and about” during the early days of the relaxing of restrictions. For that reason, NVCU also reminds clients that “Member Direct Internet Home Banking” services are still there, and that staff are also only a phone call away to assist you.




Canalta Esterhazy and Canalta Moosomin re-open

I just heard from Esterhazy’s own Lyndsay Hamilton (now director of sales for the Canalta hotels chain), and this is what she said.

“Not sure if this is something you share, but we have reopened the Canalta Esterhazy and Canalta Moosomin location (amongst others) and we have really ramped up our cleaning standards. Our commitment to keeping our guests and team members safe is our top priority. Here is the link:
No pressure, but wanted to pass along.”


How can I refuse a friend… So here you go Lyndsay… It’s shared.

Warrior Announcement from Tyler Metz

Hi there Warrior Family and Friends! With the poor weather last fall and delays from The COVID-19 pandemic, the Football field and track project has experienced delays.

The Warrior Football team, GSSD, EHS, Norenda Construction, and all the Professionals and Volunteers working on this project are requesting to please refrain from using the field and track.

Please do your part to get the word out, if any part of the track or field is damaged, it would result in further delays and expenses.

There will be a community announcement when the track is ready for community use.

On behalf of all the communities that have and will benefit from the use of this facility, we thank you!

Note: Due COVID-19 and its Resulting economic downturn, the fundraising committee has decided to hold off any fundraising initiatives with local businesses or the public.

The Fundraising committee again thanks all the Individuals and Companies that have supported this 100% donation driven fundraiser!!

Coach Metz

North Valley Credit Union branch re-opening

This notice has just come in from NVCU…


I am pleased to advise that North Valley Credit Union will be re-opening its branch in Esterhazy on Monday June 1st, 2020. We are excited to welcome our members, customers and clients back into our building

As we have not been given the “all clear” insofar as COVID is concerned we will be continuing to take precautions for the safety of our staff members and the public. These safety precautions are:

  • Requiring that social distancing be maintained within the branch.
  • Ensuring that everyone entering the branch use hand sanitizer.
  • Requesting that you remove your gloves before entering the building
  • Limiting the number of people within the branch at any one time.

We will not be requiring anyone entering the branch to wear a facemask, however, if you feel more comfortable doing so you are welcome to wear one. 

We will not be screening  people for symptoms of the virus so you will be on the honour system to ensure that you are free from the virus when entering our building. 

When coming into our office you will see we have installed tempered glass at all the front office workstations and these will be a permanent fixture even after the threat of the virus has passed. Again, this is a safety precaution to protect everyone’s health to the best of our ability. 

If you have any questions you can reach us at:

306-745-6615 or toll free at 1-888-533-NVCU (6828)

​​​​​​​Roy Spence

​​​​​​​CEO & General Manager


CEBA (Canada Emergency Business Account) Program Loans

CEBA (Canada Emergency Business Account) Program Loans

North Valley Credit Union has begun processing and funding CEBA loans. Our lending personnel have reached out to all of our commercial accounts that we feel will qualify for a government CEBA loan. If we have not contacted your business and you feel you do qualify for a CEBA loan please feel free to contact our office. The criteria you must meet to qualify for a CEBA loan are:

  • You must have been a member or account holder at North Valley Credit Union before March 1st , 2020 and this account must have been your primary business account.
  • You must have paid out salaries to your employees of at least $ 20,000.00 and not more than $ 1,500,000.00, as confirmed in box 14 of your 2019 T4 summary.
  • You must have a CRA business registration number.
  • Your account must have been in good standing on March 1st, 2020.

CEBA loans are government subsidized and are in the amount of $ 40,000.00. They carry an interest rate of zero percent.  If you repay the loan in full before December 31st, 2022 you will be eligible to receive up to $ 10,000.00 in loan forgiveness. If you do not repay the loan by the end of 2022 then the loan will be extended at the full amount of $ 40,000.00 until December 31st, 2025 at the rate of 5.00% per annum.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact our lending department. You can reach us at:


306-745-6615 or toll free at 1-888-533-6828


Following the appropriate advertising North Valley Credit Union held its Nomination period between March 16th and 27th, 2020. The credit union did not receive any nomination papers for potential new directors during this time period. Accordingly, the incumbent directors whose terms had expired were elected by acclamation and will serve a three-year term.

The directors elected by acclamation are:

Laurie Appel
Mark Johnson
Blondena Merritt.

On behalf of the balance of the Board of Directors and the staff members, I would like to thank the above individuals for letting their names stand for election. We look forward to the positive contributions that they will make over the coming years.

Roy Spence
CEO & General Manager
North Valley Credit Union

COVID 19… Update for March 31st

MARCH 31st.

I am asking all businesses and organizations to please direct email me ( with details as they are announced, and to keep me updated when things change. This site is supported by NVCU and continues to have the audience/subscriber base of the original EsterhazyOnline site.



Esterhazy District Medical Clinic

  • As of March 30th we will be locking the clinic door! The only ones allowed in the clinic are those that have pre booked apts—you must call when you arrive at the clinic and we’ll let you in! For all other inquiries (need to book an apt, pick up forms/reqs); you MUST call first and then we will make arrangements! We tried to request absolutely no walk ins but unfortunately people were not complying so we have no choice, for the safety of everyone, to lock the door! Thank you for understanding!!! Please call 306-745-6681!
  • Physicians at EDMC are doing phone consultations.
  • Call the clinic at 745-6681 to arrange an apt for all types of consults (rx renewals, etc)
  • If it is something that needs assessing (a suspected fracture, rash, suture removals, injections etc..) then you will still have to come in (providing you have no flu like symptoms).


Esterhazy Home Hardware

  • Do not come shopping in groups, couples or with other family members. Please only one person per family come shopping at a time.
  • Do not use the store as a place to socialize keep your conversations short.
  • Please keep 6 feet apart from everyone, including staff.
  • If you drive up and it seems the store is busy maybe wait in your car until a few other customers leave.
  • CLOSED ON SUNDAYS, until further notice.


Galaxy Restaurant

  • Open 9am to 8pm daily for take out and delivery. Call 745-3946 to order.
  • Avoid waiting in the restaurant to prevent contact with other customers.


Canada Post

  • Timed locking door system is functional. Access to lobby box area is from 4am to 7:30pm, seven days a week.


The Town of Esterhazy

  • Utility staff will not be ging house to house to read water meters, or dropping off cards. Send your readings by April 6th to, via the town website, or by calling 306-745-3942.
  • S.N. Boreen Centre closed until further notice.
  • Town Office closed to visits from the public until further notice. Appointments are still being taken. Any payments normally made to the town can still be made through online banking, or cheque at the drop box, or by mail.
  • Dana Antal arena closed for the remainder of the season.


North Valley Credit Union (Sponsor of this site and update service)

  • Annual General Meeting planned for April 21st is postponed. (See notice HERE)
  • Effective Monday, March 23rd our branch will be CLOSED to the public until further notice.
  • Our staff will be in the office during regular business hours Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:00pm. Call 306-745-6615 with any questions you have.
  • A note of thanks from NVCU (HERE)


Kenneth James Kerr (Sponsor of this site and update service)

  • Daily encouragement videos now being posted on YouTube. ( Link to a video and channel HERE)
  • “A Life Worth Journaling” workshop in Yorkton for May 13th is cancelled
  • Online/streaming version being considered


Redeemer Lutheran Church

  • Garage Sale – Dated April 23-25 will be postponed until a further date. Please watch for announcements as to when this event will happen.


The Wireless Age

  • We are available in store for emergencies only Monday – Friday from 1PM until 4PM. Please call before coming to the store. Only one customer per rep will be allowed in at a time.
  • Contact-free pickup and delivery is available.
  • We are available for assistance over the phone Monday – Friday from 10AM until 5PM. We can be reached at 306-745-1600, please leave a message with your name and number and we will return your call as soon as we can.
  • Nearly all of our services are available over the phone.


RBC Esterhazy

  • Mon, Wed, Fri = 10am to 3pm
  • Tue, Thurs, Sat, Sun = Closed.
  • Staff are working in the branch Monday to Friday, available for phone appts and inquiries via phone Tuesday and Thursdays.


Pharmasave Esterhazy

  • Reduced hours.
  • Mon to Fri = 9am to 3:30pm
  • Sat = 9am to 2pm
  • Call 745-2022 to talk to the pharmacy when needed.


Red Apple/Bargain Shop

  • Reduced hours.
  • Mon to Sat = 10am to 5pm.
  • Sun noon to 5pm


Esterhazy Dental Clinic

  • All non-emergency dental treatment is postponed
  • Office closed to the public until April 6th
  • All appointments to be re-scheduled
  • Regular, active patients will be seen if emergency but not if they have been sick in last 14 days or in close contact with someone who is, or have been traveling out of country or province in last 14 days, or have been asled to self quarantine, or have been at gathering of more than 50 people in last 14 days.


Esterhazy Flower Bin & The Bin

  • The shop (and businesses renting within the facility) is closed for at least two weeks as of Mon 23rd.
  • Please call or message our store with any questions or needs. (306) 745-2965


Bock & Company Law Office

  • Remains open, but closed to public entry.
  • If you have time sensitive documents to be dropped off during regular business hours, please do so in our main entry and call our office to advise.
  • The front porch will be open for drop offs at 8 am and locked at 4:30.
  • We are arranging as many telephone attendances as possible during this time. We do understand that time sensitive documentation and other types of transactions will still need to be signed/witnessed/notarised and have set up a process for doing so and we will screen each appointment accordingly.
  • Our contact information is 306.745.3952 (phone), 306.745.6119 (fax) or


Esterhazy Agencies (1986) Ltd

  • We will be here Monday – Friday, 9-5 to assist you over the phone to complete transactions that we are able.
  • Please phone 306-745-3983 for issuer and insurance assistance.
  • We are doing this until Monday, April 6, 2020. At that time, we will re-evaluate the situation.


H&R Block

  • We will be here Monday – Friday, 9-5 to assist you over the phone to complete transactions that we are able.
  • Please phone 306-745-6450 for income tax preparation assistance.
  • We are doing this until Monday, April 6, 2020. At that time, we will re-evaluate the situation.


Orenda Healing Professional Counselling and Wellness

  • No face to face counseling or alternative therapy services until further notice
  • Counselling appointments through phone or Skype
  • Appropriate alternative therapy services through phone or SKYPE
  • To ensure highest possible level of confidentiality, contact for services through phone or email, only.
  • Rita Herperger (306) 740-6242


Esterhazy Freshmart

  • Beginning Friday, March 20th, store will open at 8:00 a.m. for seniors, those that are immuno-compromised, or those that might just need some extra help shopping. This will be in effect every day except Sundays.
  • In an effort to decrease the foot traffic in the store, we have improved our pick up and delivery service.
  • We now have a full time employee dedicated to meeting your needs in regards to our pick up and delivery service.
  • You can email us at, or you can phone the store at 306-745-3500 and use option 1. If no one answers, please leave a message and we will call you back.


Four Town+ Journal

  • Our Esterhazy office will be closed until further notice. Please feel free to call or email us. We will be working from our homes to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff.


Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services Ltd

  • As of MONDAY March 23, 2020 our DOORS will be LOCKED
  • We will continue to be OPEN for ESSENTIAL appointments, prescription refills, product pick up etc..
  • You must phone 745-6642 for assistance.


Iridology Concept for Health

  • Reduced services. Tuesday to Thursday.
  • “No contact purchasing” of health products implemented.
  • All appointments/consultations discontinued at this time
  • 306-740-0597


Sarcan Re-cycling

  • Closed locations across the province until further notice.


Tristar Husky and Subway Esterhazy

  • We strongly encourage online ordering for subway, or call 306-745-3905.
  • There is a washroom available in store to wash your hands after pumping gas etc, we are cleaning it frequently, so you are encouraged to wash your hands when you come into the store.
  • Please limit the time you are in the store, pick what you need, pay and exit. Please refrain from staying longer than needed.


Bioflex by Megan

  • Bioflex By Megan is closed until further notice.


Zackly-Rite Massage Therapy

  • Closed until further notice.


Village of Stockholm

  • The Reg Banga Memorial Communiplex is closed until further notice.
  • The Village Office is closed to visits from the public until further notice.
  • Staff will remain working regular office hours so please call 306-793-2151 or email for assistance


R.M. of Fertile Belt No. 183

  • The RM Office is closed to visits from the public until further notice. Staff will remain working regular office hours so please call 306-793-2061 or email for assistance


Esterhazy Family Foods

  • We have delivery service for those in self isolation, or that have trouble getting out. Call 745-3987, fax 745-6215 or email
  • Please keep our staff safe and don’t come to the store if you are not well or have returned home from a trip and need to be in isolation for the required 14 days.


Esterhazy Bowlarena and Catering

  • Closed until further notice.


Anytime Fitness

  • Gym closed until further notice, but operating virtual programs online.


Crete-Tek Contracting

  • If anyone in the area is unable to purchase any of the necessities that they require Crete-Tek Contracting will be happy to help in any way possible. This includes picking up supplies for people who may be immunocompromised and do not feel safe being in public at this time.


The Jean Pask Library

  • All Programming at the Jean Pask Library has been canceled until further notice. ( Book Club, Lego, Preschool Club, Art Club and Knit Night)


The Esterhazy Clergy Council

  • The decision has been made to end the Wednesday Ecumenical LENTEN SERVICES and luncheons that have been taking place at St Andrews United Church.



  • Dining room closed until further notice.
  • Drive thru is open from 10: 00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday to Sunday.


Timeout Eatery

  • 410MAIN will be closing until further notice. But WE CAN SHIP PRODUCTS! @timeouteatery will fulfill all existing cake orders. We will have online cake ordering available.



  • Closed indefinitely, effective March 20