Weekly Encouragement

Weekly Encouragement for November 24

“If you think your past equals your future, then you need a refresher course in spiritual mathematics!”

Some people think that their past equals their future. They assume that because they have always been inept at something, they always will be. So, you might hear them say, “I’m no good at math, never was, never will be.” Or, “I just cannot remember names.” Or, “I had a bad start in life and it has plagued me ever since.”

Such statements are commonplace, but are they true? While your personal history is powerful, it is not supreme. Certainly, those who don’t learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them, but that also means those who do learn the lessons can go on to a bright new future.

The past will only equal the future if you want it to. You alone can decide whether to repeat the mistakes and limitations of the past, or whether to use them as a springboard to greater achievement. A previous limitation can encourage present day learning, and that will open the door to more opportunity in the future. Break free of your past, your future is worth it.



(This is page 130 from the book “This Book is the Perfect Gift” by Kenneth James Kerr. Learn more about the book HERE)


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