How to list your event

Do you want to announce your upcoming Esterhazy and Stockholm events and press releases for:-

  • Town of Esterhazy
  • RM of Fertile Belt
  • Village of Stockholm
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Esterhazy Community Daycare
  • Sports teams
  • Charities
  • Service organizations
  • Youth groups (like the Scouts)
  • Community theatre groups
  • The museum
  • The library
  • Fundraisers for town amenities

This is the place to do it! Roll your mouse over the “Community Calendar” menu item and the upcoming months will be listed. If you want YOUR event announcement on these pages, thereby reaching the EsterhazyOnline audience, please use the form in the contact menu item to submit a request. Oh, by the way, it’s FREE to you because North Valley Credit Union is sponsoring this service.