2018 Potashville Music Festival will be held in Esterhazy

The 2018 Potashville Music Festival will be held in Esterhazy. The venues will be Esterhazy High School, and Esterhazy Baptist Church. The following announcement comes from the new facebook page for the event.

Welcome to the Potashville Music Festival Page 2018, with this year’s festival being held in Esterhazy. Please mark the following dates on your calendar:

  • March 5 – BAND
  • March 6 – BAND ENSEMBLES (solos, duets, trios, etc.)
  • March 7, 8 – PIANO
  • March 9 – VOICE & VERSE

If you or your child, tween or teen has a love of music and the performing arts, then this festival is for you! If your child is taking music lessons, or plays an instrument, or loves to sing or act or recite poetry, we invite you to share in conversation with your children and teachers about the festival and begin to have a look at pieces they would like to perform at this year’s festival. For information on classes, please view the syllabus in the link shown below. Also, please visit the SMFA website where you will find more information about our festival on the “Festivals” with regards to entries, entry fees, scholarships, and awards. Esterhazy High school will be the venue for the school bands on March 5, with the remainder of the festival dates being held at the Esterhazy Baptist Church.

The Potashville Music Festival facebookpage is HERE


Audio Recording:- Kenneth James Kerr on The Rock 98.5

Earlier this week, Kenneth James Kerr (owner of EsterhazyOnline and Author), was interviewed on The Rock 98.5 in Yorkton, regarding his new book, “This Book is the Perfect Gift.” He was also featured on the front page of this week’s Miner Journal newspaper.

With thanks to The Rock for making the file available, we are now able to publish a full recording of the interview. Simply use the audio player below to hear it.

On another note, Kenneth will be recording a Television Show at the Yorkton studios of Access TV next week. And, for more information on the book, please follow the link HERE.