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Play “Blackout Bingo” at ten museums across the region


The museums across the Parkland region have come up with a great incentive to get more people through the doors. It’s called “Blackout Bingo” and it works a bit like the passport system you typically see at multicultural events like Mosaic in Regina.

Simply visit any one of the ten participating museums and pick up your passport and get it stamped there. Then visit the other locations to get your passport stamped in those places too. Those visitors who collect all ten stamps can be eligible to win a grand prize.

The participating museums are:-

  • Esterhazy
  • Kaposvar
  • Langenburg
  • Spy Hill
  • Rocanville
  • Moosomin
  • Wawota
  • Kipling
  • Whitewood
  • Broadview

Over the last few years, EsterhazyOnline has visited the museums at Kipling, Wawota, and Esterhazy of course. To whet your appetite to participate in the promotion, we’re publishing more than 100 pictures taken in these three museums in the gallery below. Take a look, and then go and visit the various museums to see more than 100,000 artifacts of culture and heritage for yourself.

Our thanks to the Platinum advertisers for their support of our photography. (Kevin Zazula, North Valley Credit Union, Churchbridge Credit Union, Pharmasave Esterhazy, Crushrite Concrete, Merit Ford Esterhazy). Click any image below to open the gallery.

Hazy Dayz – Looking back to 2013 and 2014


This coming weekend is Hazy Dayz 2015. But did you know that we still have hundreds of pictures on this site from Hazy Dayz 2013 and 2014?

We invite you to take a trip down memory lane at the links below! – Remember to open the viewer at each page so you can enjoy larger pictures.

  • View the pictures from 2013 (HERE)
  • View the pictures from 2014 (HERE)

Enjoy the pictures and come out to the fun this weekend!

Mega Photo Tour – The Painted Edge


When Casa Del Sol announced they were closing last year, there was a certain sadness, at least for me. Why? Well, to be honest, I loved the atmosphere that existed in Casa Del Sol, it was so unique and peaceful. With their departure,  I wondered if the location would ever look as good again.

Well, my concerns were completely unfounded, because the Main Street property was taken over not just by any store owner, but by an interior decorator, namely Judi Kerr, who moved her business “The Painted Edge” into the space. Since then, Judi and her staff have created their own special look, and it is so good that even the product reps remark on it when they come to visit!

It’s hard to imagine that a paint shop could exude unique character, but this one does. That’s because it’s a whole lot more than just a paint store. In essence, it’s an interior decoration centre that portrays thoughtfulness of design, and displays unique products that turn an afternoon’s visit into an occasion.

But don’t just take my word for it, let the pictures tell the tale. We are so blessed with some great shops on Main Street, and it is always fun to create a Mega Photo Tour for our readers. So join us now, in this tour of “The Painted Edge.” Click on any image to open the viewer for a closer look. Better still, call in and see it for yourself.


Mega Photo-tour – Esterhazy Flower Bin / The Bin


Readers always enjoy our photo tours of local shops. It’s a great way to explore the superb range of items available in the area, and sometimes there are surprises too, as “big town” selections become available on “small town” Main Street!

Today we’re sharing a mega tour of Esterhazy Flower Bin / The Bin. I was amazed at how this store has changed over the last year or so. Once upon a time it was a flower shop with gifts, now it is a multi-product store with flowers. I asked staff to share some of the latest happenings there, and while I was taking pictures, they created the following write up!

Employees have got March Madness… Cleaning out with savings up to 60%. For some items marked down, take an additional 10% off (excluding 50% and 60% items). Selected Sanuks on sale, with new ones arriving. Runners… Wilson and Fila have arrived, and sandals.

Bench, Silver (jeans, capris, shorts and skirts), Mavi, Cabrelli, Bufffalo, Fox, Roxy, Hurley, Garcia and more being unpacked daily. Taxi sandals have made the shelves.

Women check out our Moving Comfort and Brooks line. Bras, underwear, work- out clothing designed by women for women. Purses and jewellery, bathing suits and board shorts for Summer enjoyment!

The kids section boasts new arrivals and many sale items too. The men can check out the new board shorts, dress shirts and casual shorts along with Mavi and Silver jeans.

Solar lights and fountains to inspire your gardens. The arrival of fresh flowers weekly opens the creative minds for the sensational display of arrangements to choose from. In the inspirational corner of stepping stones and various items, one can surrender to their inner peace. TeaForte is the new line that has arrived for the tea lovers. Many flavours, tea pots, cups and diffusers to choose from.

Something for everyone, so check out the March Madness until the 28th.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words… So, here’s our mega photo gallery (taken this morning) for you to take a tour from your armchair!  Enjoy, and our thanks to the staff for their invitation to check out the latest.

Remember, the images below are thumbnails. Click on the first one to open the gallery, then you can scroll from picture to picture inside the gallery.