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Mega Photo-tour – Esterhazy Flower Bin / The Bin


Readers always enjoy our photo tours of local shops. It’s a great way to explore the superb range of items available in the area, and sometimes there are surprises too, as “big town” selections become available on “small town” Main Street!

Today we’re sharing a mega tour of Esterhazy Flower Bin / The Bin. I was amazed at how this store has changed over the last year or so. Once upon a time it was a flower shop with gifts, now it is a multi-product store with flowers. I asked staff to share some of the latest happenings there, and while I was taking pictures, they created the following write up!

Employees have got March Madness… Cleaning out with savings up to 60%. For some items marked down, take an additional 10% off (excluding 50% and 60% items). Selected Sanuks on sale, with new ones arriving. Runners… Wilson and Fila have arrived, and sandals.

Bench, Silver (jeans, capris, shorts and skirts), Mavi, Cabrelli, Bufffalo, Fox, Roxy, Hurley, Garcia and more being unpacked daily. Taxi sandals have made the shelves.

Women check out our Moving Comfort and Brooks line. Bras, underwear, work- out clothing designed by women for women. Purses and jewellery, bathing suits and board shorts for Summer enjoyment!

The kids section boasts new arrivals and many sale items too. The men can check out the new board shorts, dress shirts and casual shorts along with Mavi and Silver jeans.

Solar lights and fountains to inspire your gardens. The arrival of fresh flowers weekly opens the creative minds for the sensational display of arrangements to choose from. In the inspirational corner of stepping stones and various items, one can surrender to their inner peace. TeaForte is the new line that has arrived for the tea lovers. Many flavours, tea pots, cups and diffusers to choose from.

Something for everyone, so check out the March Madness until the 28th.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words… So, here’s our mega photo gallery (taken this morning) for you to take a tour from your armchair!  Enjoy, and our thanks to the staff for their invitation to check out the latest.

Remember, the images below are thumbnails. Click on the first one to open the gallery, then you can scroll from picture to picture inside the gallery.

Incredible new Yorkton location for Maple Communications


I remember when I first met with Cam Mehling, the Operations Director for Maple Communications. We were discussing sponsorship of EsterhazyOnline and I explained we had silver or gold options. He startled me when he looked me in the eye and asked, “Do you have anything bigger?” That’s how platinum sponsorship started a year ago!

In a way, Cam’s question exemplifies the look-ahead attitude of Maple Communications. This is not a company that is satisfied to sit on its laurels, rather it is progressive and dynamic, with a determination to grow in whatever way is necessary to provide greater opportunities to serve both existing and new clients.

Recently they moved into a new and larger location in Esterhazy, part of that great wave of business relocation on Main Street. Now, they have relocated their Yorkton office, opening a new base of sales operations from which they can offer an expanded range of products and services.

The new location at 6-150 Broadway Street East, represents a fantastic opportunity for Maple Communications, you see, it happens to be right next to a Tim Hortons/Wendys combination store. This massively increases the potential exposure for the business, with impulse “walk-in” traffic suddenly being more than possible.

Imagine someone sitting at Timmies today, sipping their double-double and chatting with their buddy. “The new iPhone 6 launches today” says the friend. They look out the window, and there’s Maple Communications… It’s just so easy to nip into the new store to check it out. The location simply cannot be bettered!

The new facility has been universally-applauded by the staff of Maple Communications. it is bigger, brighter and better in every way. So take a photographic tour with of us. And by the way, today really is the launch day for the iPhone6…

Click on any image to open the viewer

Photographic Tour – 501 Audio


It’s been a wee while since we did a photographic tour of a specific business in Esterhazy. Today, we take the camera inside XPLORNET dealer 501 Audio (501 Main Street, Esterhazy).

Recently, I was reminded that it is worth checking stores in Esterhazy. I’d run out of ink for my printer and instead of nipping in to a larger town, I decided to check out this store. They had just what I was looking for, and saved me a trip!

The evening after the snow…


On Monday evening, as the snow continued to fall, blanketing the Esterhazy area with yet another covering of white, many people looked out their windows with disbelief. The question on many minds was, “Is it really almost May?”

Well folks, this is Saskatchewan, and a mere 24 hours later, the countryside looks as different as night from day.

Last night, the last thing on my mind was talking the dog for a walk. Tonight it was a pleasure. So, to capture the beauty (and even warmth) of the evening, after the walk I went out again, taking the camera with me. Enjoy the images, and let’s hope that maybe spring, or even summer, is not too far away! Click any image to pen the viewer.

Glorious Fall Colours – Part Two

Earlier this week, we published a gallery of pictures called “Glorious Fall Colours”. If you did not see those beautiful photos, please take a moment to follow the link (HERE) and open up the main gallery to see large versions of them. Most of those pictures were taken around the Esterhazy area at ground level, but we also received a few air-to-ground pictures taken by Katherine Miller.

The pictures from Katherine led to Chris Miller (Noble Construction) and I taking to the air again today. It was our second “photo sortie” together. Regular readers may recall the photo-shoot we did of Esterhazy from the air in May (That gallery can be see HERE), so we decided it was time to venture further afield and do some more exploring for you, the readers!

Today’s flight was in the late afternoon. We took off from the newly-resurfaced Runway 26 at Esterhazy airport and headed over to Stockholm. A couple of orbits round the village followed before we turned south-west and aimed for Round Lake. The lake is beautiful at ground level, and just spectacular from 3,000ft. We made some lazy circles over the water, marvelling at the colours of the trees on the south side, and the rugged topography on the north shore. Then we turned to the east, crossed Highway 9, and followed the Qu’Appelle Valley, taking pictures as we went.

We dipped lower into the valley until the southern slope was slipping by at around 200 km/hr beneath our starboard (right) wing. Hidden lakes came into view, new road construction, farming operations, and of course the mines. We climbed, and turned towards Esterhazy again, with the ever-changing headframe of K3 providing an unmistakable landmark.

Over Esterhazy, we concentrated on bringing the golf course into clear view. The green of the fairways presented a marked contrast to the fall colours of the trees that surrounded them. We flew over the middle of the town, then onward to the airport, joining a left downwind in the traffic pattern for Rwy26 before letting down on base, slipping onto finals, and kissing the tarmac again on landing. After pushing the 1967 Cessna back into the hanger, Chris and I spent a pleasant hour chatting about flying and also the amazing history of Noble Construction, but that latter subject is for another article at another time.

So now, enjoy the view as you come with us on that flight, courtesy of around 75 images below. Don’t just look at the small thumbnails, click on the first one and allow the photo gallery viewer to open, and then explore  them in detail. In some cases the colours are obvious, in others they are more subtle and subdued. Enjoy!

Note:- My thanks to Chris for his friendship and flight. Makes me want to finally finish off my own pilot license!  Also thanks to Maple Communications for sponsoring many of our photo albums since also becoming a sponsor of EsterhazyOnline.

Glorious Fall Colours – Part one

Yesterday was a fantastic day for autumn photography. With very few clouds in the sky in the early part of the day, the direct sun brought out the most glorious hues on the trees, and the azure sky behind them gave brilliant and exquisite contrast.

While I was on the ground using my photographer’s eye to find views around Esterhazy, Chris and Katherine Miller (Noble Construction) were flying in their Cessna, gaining images from a totally different vantage point. Katherine sent some of their pictures to me as the day progressed, and so a compilation has been created from both sets of photos.

If the good weather stays with us for  few days, we’ll try to get into the Qu’Appelle for a second part to this collection. In the meantime, enjoy this local glimpse of what is arguably the most beautiful season of the year.

To view the full size images, open up the gallery by clicking on any thumbnail below.

Threshermen Show – in pictures!

The annual Qu’Appelle Valley Threshermen Show was held yesterday at the Agri-Museum in the south-east corner of Esterhazy. The day began with breakfast at 7:30 am, and as the sun rose higher, the number of attendees grew larger. Although some regular visitors lamented that the show did not have the variety of exhibits that it did in past decades, there was still plenty for people to see, especially if this was their first visit to the Agri-Museum. The sight and sounds of a steam-powered tractor itself was well-worth the visit.

Here’s a bumper-collection of pictures for you to enjoy and explore. To see larger versions, simply click on any image to open up the main gallery.

Photographic tour – Potash interpretive centre

The Saskatchewan Potash Interpretive Centre is unique in Canada, there is no similar centre anywhere in the country, as truly befits Esterhazy as being the Potash Capital of the World!

Conveniently located at the Historical Park, the centre is open 8am to 5pm, and shows the history of potash in the region, and the processes involved in mining the product. Today, we share the photographic tour to encourage our readers to either re-visit the exhibit, or perhaps visit it or the first time.

As always, open the gallery by clicking on an image below.

Eastside Heritage Horse Show – In pictures

Lee’s Rodeo Grounds was the venue for the Eastside Heritage Horse Show today. While the attendance at the show was a wee bit disappointing, the quality of the horsemanship and entertainment was high, as riders of all ages demonstrated their skill in the saddle through various disciplines and events.

When the information is received from Twin Valley Riding Club, EsterhazyOnline will publish a list of the winners in each class, but in the meantime, here’s a gallery of images from the event for you to enjoy. As always, open the gallery by clicking on an image.

Photographic tour – Esterhazy Community Museum


It’s often true that we miss the treasures that are in our own back yard. When it comes to Esterhazy Community Museum, that can be applied two ways. First, the everyday, common things that are around us today, will appear in a museum tomorrow! So, we might want to take a closer look at some of them now. And second, amazing though it may be, there are many local inhabitants who have never been in our local museum!

The building that houses the museum was built in 1906 by prominent merchant, William Howland Blyth. After serving as the family home for almost half a century, it became the barracks of the local RCMP from 1952 to 1968. The Museum Society was founded in 1969, and the collection was opened to the public in 1970. Originally, the building was situated on Veterans Avenue, but it was moved to the current location in the Historical Park in 2001.

There’s plenty to see at the museum today, and everything has either been donated by locals or purchased by the museum committee. Exhibits are thematically organized into rooms, including a photography studio, doctor’s office, ladies’ sitting room and pioneer kitchen.

The museum is open Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm) and Saturday & Sunday (Noon to 6 pm). As a preview of attractions, enjoy this photographic tour of the facility. Open the gallery by clicking on any image.