Esterhazy Community Museum Celebrates “Culture Days” Canada 150

Submitted by Dianne Kirby (President Esterhazy Community Museum)

The day may have been cool and damp, but many hardy representatives of Filipino culture, Polish ancestry, German roots, Finnish background, Hungarian ethnicity and Czech culture came out for a morning of celebration. The Historical park area was alive with the host cultures sharing ethnic food, costumes, music, language, artifacts, history, stories, maps, flags, and dolls. It was a morning of festivity.

As we wind down the Friday Farmer’s Market, alongside Canada 150, the blending of recent ethnic cultures with traditional pioneer ways breathes life and excitement into the community of Esterhazy to create a truly diverse Multicultural awakening.

See the pictures (and captions) in the gallery below. Click any image to open the viewer.



Regina walkers tour Esterhazy attractions

Fifty-seven members of the Northgate Walkers from Regina toured the Esterhazy Community Museum, The Potash Interpretive Center, and the Esterhazy Flour Mill the Morning of Thursday September 7, 2017. The group enjoyed a lovely lunch catered by Mei’s at the Legion Hall before proceeding onto the Kaposvar Historic Site for the afternoon. It was a delightful day.

Dianne Kirby
President Esterhazy Museum