Looking for the Swaaben family

EsterhazyOnline received an email from Holland this week. It’s from a researcher looking for information on the Swaaben family. Here is the email, and if you can assist, please get in touch with EsterhazyOnline via the contact form (HERE), and I’ll convey your message to the original emailer.

“I am from The Netherlands (Holland) and I am looking into our family research. A far relative had the surname Swaaben. In Esterhazy there lived a Martin Swaaben (died 1946) the local butcher. His son was Ted (Theodore) Swaaben.. The only address of a living Swaaben we found on the internet is T.M. Swaaben at Bird’s Point Stockholm. We would like to know who the parents were from Martin Swaaben because that would make our search easier. We only know that our far relative went to Amerika and lived in Boston as a Tailor. He died in the R.R. Accident of Bussey Bridge Accident in 1887. We would like to know if Martin Swaaben was his son. If you know anything about the Swaaben family in Saskatchewan we would be pleased to hear it. Regards Serge Klaassen.”