More than 50 dates now on November’s Community Calendar

What are your plans for November? Whatever they are, you need to keep an eye on our November Community Calendar. (Link HERE). As of today, there are more than 50 “dates” listed on that page. These include school events and happenings from Esterhazy High School, PJ Gillen School, and Macdonald School in Stockholm. There are library programs, events at the Legion Hall, Flyers games, galas, board meetings, and more.

Do you have an event coming up that we’ve not listed? This is a FREE service to schools, churches, service clubs, sports clubs, youth groups, fundraisers, etc. Why is it free? Because this service (and this site) is paid for and supported by North Valley Credit Union in conjunction with EsterhazyOnline. So, please tell us about your upcoming events and we will list them and promote them for you. Use the contact form in the menu and get in touch.

Many new additions to the Community Calendars today

There have been many new additions to the September and October Community Calendars today. These have included an announcement from Redeemer Lutheran Church regarding a bake sale, the Annual Lions Trail Ride and Wagon Trek, a Novice and Atom Hockey tournament, and all known events for both Esterhazy High School and P.J. Gillen School for those two months. More additions to follow as they are made known to us.

To see who can send us event announcements click HERE or use the menu.

To go to the September calendar click HERE or use the menu.

To go to the October calendar click HERE or use the menu.

The new EsterhazyOnline publication schedule

Just a quick “heads up” for everyone. The new EsterhazyOnline, (now NVCU Community Announcer), will work with the following publication schedule each week. Incoming E-mails, press releases, and event notice submissions, will be reviewed on a Thursday morning with a view to publishing on the site during Thursday afternoons and Fridays. If you have anything to put in for this week, please use the contact form today. Those who have the old e-mail address may use that as well. Keep us informed and we can, in turn, keep the readers informed.

By the way, thank you for all the great comments from people when I come to Esterhazy. I know you are looking forward to this site being active again, and remember, it’s all due to the vision and financial support of North Valley Credit Union.

EsterhazyOnline and North Valley Credit Union create “NVCU Community Announcer”

We have hinted on facebook, and when meeting people in town, that EsterhazyOnline is coming back. Today, we are proud to announce the opening of the re-branded, re-conceptualized site, complete with a new name… “NVCU COMMUNITY ANNOUNCER – In Conjunction with EsterhazyOnline.”

North Valley Credit Union is underwriting this new incarnation of EsterhazyOnline, and if it were not for them, this development would not be taking place. So let’s talk about what this revised version of EsterhazyOnline will be, and what it won’t be.

This re-vamped site is not setting out to be an all-out news reporting service like before. There are three reasons for this.

  1. Kenneth J. Kerr (owner of EsterhazyOnline) now lives 125km away from town and will not be attending every event like before.
  2. Kenneth is also heavily involved in advancing his career as the author of a new book and as a public speaker.
  3. The Miner-Journal newspaper is an essential community amenity, and we want to encourage and support its continued success, not compete against it.

Having said that, here is what this new site WILL be.

  1. The go-to place for public announcements and upcoming events in Esterhazy, Stockholm, and the immediate surrounding area.
  2. A brand-new information portal through which North Valley Credit Union can tell the public about who they are, what they offer, and how they interact with the community.

Both Roy Spence (CEO/GM of North Valley Credit Union – And also Mayor of Esterhazy), and Kenneth J. Kerr (Owner and operator of EsterhazyOnline) are excited to see this new venture launch, and they share the vision of this becoming a valuable service for the community.

So, who can submit press releases and announcements to be placed on this site and promoted by it?

  • Town of Esterhazy
  • RM of Fertile Belt
  • Village of Stockholm
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Esterhazy Community Daycare
  • Sports teams
  • Charities
  • Service organizations
  • Youth groups (like the Scouts)
  • Community theatre groups
  • The museum
  • The library
  • Fundraisers for town amenities

And what will the cost of these announcements be?

  • ZERO, NADA, FREE – Because North Valley Credit Union is paying for YOU to use this service! (Three cheers for NVCU!)

So, what are you waiting for? If your school, church, service organization, sports team, or youth group has an event to announce, then get in touch with us and tell us about it. Use the contact form in the menu and fire us off a request to be announced to the EsterhazyOnline audience. Your event will be included in the page headlines, added to the community calendar, and mentioned on the EsterhazyOnline Facebook.

And one more question we’ve already had… What about commercial adverts? We’re looking into that possibility, but nothing has been decided yet. If you do want to place commercial ads for your business, again, reach us through the contact form, and if there’s enough interest we’ll consider adding that feature to the site, at a cost to the advertiser of course.

Let’s make this thing ROCK people. If it’s happening out there, it should be announced on here…. GET IN TOUCH and tell everyone you know about this new public service!

Best Regards,


(ps… The old URL, still brings you here!)