Youth and adult curling clinics announced

Attention curlers… Want to improve your game? Here’s your chance!

Curling clinics have been arranged for both adults and juniors at the end of October. According to Mark Weiss, “We are having SaskCurl come out for a 2 day clinic the end of October.  Two days for kids and one night for adults. Youth is the same as adult in terms of a cost $10 per person attending.  Names can be emailed or called into me as per the poster.”

Junior curling clinic runs on both Oct 28 and Oct 29, and will feature instruction on:-

  • Basic Sliding Techniques (Line of delivery, balance, PVC devices)
  • Mental focus
  • Sweeping (What sweeping does, technique)
  • And more

The adult clinic is being held on Oct 28 only. See the posters below for details.


Esterhazy Community Museum Celebrates “Culture Days” Canada 150

Submitted by Dianne Kirby (President Esterhazy Community Museum)

The day may have been cool and damp, but many hardy representatives of Filipino culture, Polish ancestry, German roots, Finnish background, Hungarian ethnicity and Czech culture came out for a morning of celebration. The Historical park area was alive with the host cultures sharing ethnic food, costumes, music, language, artifacts, history, stories, maps, flags, and dolls. It was a morning of festivity.

As we wind down the Friday Farmer’s Market, alongside Canada 150, the blending of recent ethnic cultures with traditional pioneer ways breathes life and excitement into the community of Esterhazy to create a truly diverse Multicultural awakening.

See the pictures (and captions) in the gallery below. Click any image to open the viewer.



St. Andrew’s United Church annual rummage sale is coming up!

It’s time for that amazing bargain opportunity again! Yes, the St. Andrew’s United Church annual rummage sale is coming up, and here are the dates/times.

  • Oct. 11-13. from 9am to 9 pm
  • Oct. 14 from 9am to noon.
  • Pie and coffee are available Wednesday to Friday.
  • Items for donation will be gratefully accepted Oct. 2-6.

Here are a few pictures from the event a couple of years ago, just to whet your appetite! (Click any image to open viewer)

CRA Hoaxers are still at it – Read this republished article from two years ago!

It’s around two years ago that I published the article below. It tells of my horror when I first received a hoax call claiming to be from the CRA. I am re-publishing it! Why? Because I still get two or three calls A DAY from these swines, and I know many others do too. Since that first call I am wise to their tricks. If you want to get wise too, I suggest you go onto YouTube and search for “Hoax CRA call” and you can have a good laugh as scam-busters call these criminals back, wasting their time until the exasperated fraudsters swear at them in some foreign language! In the meantime, please read this article again, it could save you a lot of grief. – Kenneth




I was starting to sweat, actually if I am honest I was beginning to panic. All sorts of thoughts were racing through my head as I tried to process what I had just heard on the phone. The call had supposedly come from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and it had told me I was under federal investigation for problems with my tax papers.

This really happened last night folks, to me, the owner of EsterhazyOnline. And yes, I really did feel fear, and panic, and that sick feeling you get in your body when you don’t know what the heck to do. All sorts of fearful questions were racing through my mind, they conjured up horrible images of police investigations, and shame, and ruin. But the first question I should have asked myself only came to my befuddled mind ten minutes later, “Is this a hoax or is it real?”

As it turned out it was a hoax, a really nasty one, and you’ll find out how I came to that conclusion as you read this story. And please, share this story with other Canadians, for this terrible “business” of telephone and email hoaxes defrauds good people out of more than $70 million every year.

When the call came in at 2:48 yesterday afternoon, I was fortunate to be on another call at that time. Why fortunate? It means the call went to my voicemail, allowing me not only the luxury of listening to it many times, but also the ability to play it back for the RCMP today.

Anyway, it was sometime after 8pm last night that I finally checked the voicemail, and what I heard literally drained the blood from my face. Here, word for word, is what the caller said.

My name is officer Johnathan Knight from CRA, that is Canada Revenue Agency. The matter in hand is extremely time sensitive, and needs your urgent concentration for the same. The reason for the urgency is that we have found misconduct on your tax papers, because of which you are found fallacious, and under federal investigation. Don’t try to disregard the message, and if done, it will be seen as an offense from your end. Give me a call back as soon as possible. Again, this is officer Johnathan Knight from Canada Revenue Agency.

After hearing those words for the first time I was in a state of panic. Sure, I knew that I had not done anything deliberately wrong in my taxes over the years, but I had done the taxes myself until this year, using one of those programs you can buy at numerous Canadian retailers, and so there was that gnawing possibility that in my ignorance I had screwed up royally.

Even though the caller had not given a number to call him at (a potential red flag) there was a number on the records of my phone, and it was an Ottawa area code. I decided not to call it because it was so late. Then, I literally paced the floor in my home office wondering what the hell to do. I was sweating, the blood had returned to my face and it was now bright red. I was scared, genuinely scared. It was a horrible feeling.

Then, I remembered that for the first time in years, I’d had an accountant do my taxes. I found his business card and called his office, knowing I’d get an answer machine. I left a frantic message, laced with genuine fear. I hung up and just knew there was no way I could sleep with these feelings racing through my body.

I went on Canada 411 and found my accountant’s home number. As I dialed it, I was praying he’d take the call. He did. I explained the situation and then I asked “Does the CRA really do this kind of thing?” At last, doubt was beginning to replace the initial fear.

The CRA does not call people unless they have been unable to reach them with repeated attempts by mail first” he said. “I would not lose any sleep over it, I’ll call CRA in the morning to check and get back to you.” he assured me.

At last the panic was subsiding, but the anxiety-producing adrenalin was still coursing through my body. I asked myself, “Why did the caller not identify me? He never used my name”. I also asked, “Why did he not give a callback number.” And, one I should have noticed right away, “Why did he have such a foreign accent?”

I went online and stared hitting the search engines for “CRA Hoax Calls” and was shocked to see how common this really is, but typically none of the common situations matched what I had been told. In most cases they ask for personal information, or scare people into making a payment, or want confirmation details that the CRA would already know. The fact that my call seemed to be unique added to my fears.

This morning, after a few hours had gone by, I heard from my accountant. He told me he’d been in touch with CRA and there were no problems with my records, there was no investigation, there was nothing to worry about. The CRA confirmed it had been a nasty hoax.

I went to the RCMP after that. I played the recording and gave the officer the number. We talked at length about the terrible problem that this is, and I was given the following advice to pass on to readers.

1. The CRA typically NEVER calls Canadians. They typically use the mail.

2. Do not call the number back.

3. If you have already called them back and you did NOT give any personal information or DID NOT send money, then get in touch with the CAFC, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. (WEBSITE HERE)

4. If you called the number and DID give personal information (SIN, bank details, business number, name, date of birth, etc) OR if you DID make payment (Paypal, cheque, money order, or any other method) THEN contact the RCMP immediately.

Later this afternoon, I received a call back from the RCMP. They had called the number associated with the voicemail and the line had gone dead within seconds. It is possible that the initial call was intended to strike fear into the listener (which it did!) and that it was intended to motivate a call back using the caller ID number listed on my phone. In this case it was the RCMP who called them back, not me.

If the intention is to provoke the call back, it is highly likely that it is a way of the crooks harvesting numbers that are now considered “hot leads” as it were. These numbers will likely be called back and then the pressure and extortion will begin in earnest.

I now feel glad that this was a scam, but even yet I feel a residue of the nervousness that the situation created. It was sheer hell.

What if I had taken the original call? Without the luxury of time to think about it, would I have fallen for some smooth-talker with aggression in his voice? Would I have given out personal or financial information? Worse still, would I have sent them money? I hope I would not have, but in the heat of the moment and with the panic that such a call provokes, who knows.

MANY Canadians fall for this every single day. One hoax caller admitted to the CBC that he raked in tens of thousands of dollars a day from what he called “not so smart Canadians.”

And what if I had been an elderly and infirm pensioner? What if the fear had set off a heart attack? Yes, I bet that happens too.

The point it this. These ________ (add your own description!) are out to get as many people as they can, and they are getting smarter and more sophisticated all the time. So bottom line, NEVER take a call supposedly from the CRA on its face value. Tell the caller you will call back the CRA using a number you will obtain yourself. If they get angry then too bad! The CRA won’t be typically calling you anyway, and in the unlikely event that they do, they will understand if you call back on a number you are given independently by the phone directory services or an accountant.

CRA phone scams are big business, with call centers set up in foreign countries specifically to call Canadians like YOU and I. Learn from my horrible experience, and be wise.

Twin Valley Riding Club trail ride announced for October 15.

The Twin Valley Riding Club has announced a trail ride. It will be held on October 15, 2017 at Trevor Nicholauson’s Farm. The ride begins at 2pm, with a free barbecue at 4pm. Those attending are asked to bring their own lawn chairs, and beverages. The event is open to everyone. For more information, the following phone numbers have been provided. (306) 745-2561, (306) 745-7828; (306) 745-2485, (306) 745-7526.

This event has also been added to our community calendar. Please review the calendars for upcoming events, and remember to send us YOUR event notice. It’s free, courtesy of North Valley Credit Union.

What’s in the Miner-Journal newspaper next week?


North Valley Credit Union, and EsterhazyOnline, are supporters of the Miner-Journal newspaper. Therefore, each week we will publish the headlines for the upcoming edition of the paper. We encourage our readers to be MJ readers too. Here are the headlines from NEXT WEEK’S Miner-Journal newspaper.

  • Twin Valley Riding Club rodeo and results
  • $160,000 to be invested in shoreline at Crooked Lake
  • Mosaic Open House for K3 to K1 conveyor
  • Orenda Healing hosts women’s self care retreat
  • Motivational speaker and musician Robb Nash to appear at EHS
  • Charity Golf raises $207,000 for hospital fund
  • Shot fired at West End

Pick up a copy next week at the grocery stores, pharmacies, all gas stations in Esterhazy. Or, at Stockholm Foods, Tantallon Co-op, Langenburg Pharmasave, and Churchbride Co-op. You can also buy one at the Miner-Journal office.