New feature – Time for some good news

Don’t you think it is time for some good news? Don’t you feel different being able to see smiles again in shops? Then let’s start sharing it.

I invite anyone who wants to share local good news stories (whether an individual, business, club, church, etc) to get in touch with me and submit the idea for possible publication. If it catches on maybe we can begin a new wave of optimism in Esterhazy and the local region, and open a new vibrant section to this old website!

Simply use the “contact” menu item, and fill in the form with a brief description of what you want to share. I will retain editorial decisions here, but if I think it will bring a smile to others, maybe we can publicize it. If so, I shall be in touch with you.

And let me start the ball rolling. This is going to surprise the heck out of a friend of mine as she does not know I am going to do this.

My congratulations to my friend Rhonda for opening her Bed and Breakfast in Yorkton on July 11th. This beautiful soul has encouraged me in the past with her lovely comments about my book, and now I give back that love as I say “Well done. May you touch many lives with your smile as people enjoy your hospitality at Swedish Rose Cottage B&B”.

You can learn more about this new venture on the facebook page HERE. Go and visit it, pass on your congratulations, and if you feel like a break from your own four walls, book a stay.  


Now what good news can YOU share with me folks? Send in those submission ideas!