Melissa Usher needs your votes

Esterhazy lass Melissa Usher has reached out to us with a special request. The 36-year old mother of three (and stepmom to two), has always been keen on fitness, and was a regular user of the Underground Fitness gym in the town. She moved to Moose Jaw about a year ago, and has recently entered the world of competitive bodybuilding. Now she has entered a competition to be featured on the cover of an industry magazine called “Muscle and fitness HERS magazine.” The winner will also receive $20,000.

So, how will the winner be determined? It’s all about the vote. People can vote for free, or they can vote with a donation (funds go to veterans). The competition closes in two days, so anyone wishing to vote for Melissa needs to act quickly… Hence her reaching out to EsterhazyOnline where you don’t have to wait for publication deadlines!

The link to vote for Melissa is HERE. We wish her the very best of luck, and encourage readers to spread the word for her.


2 thoughts on “Melissa Usher needs your votes

  1. Round one is done in 2 days ! Then if i advance will continue for the weeks too come ! Thanks to anyone who will show this small town girl some support !!

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