Want more bang for your buck?

I just received an interesting notice from NVCU. I found it thought-provoking, and maybe worthy of further investigation on a personal level. Anyway, check it out for yourself… Below is the notice exactly as I received it. – Kenneth




Have you checked into what your current financial institution is paying you on your demand TFSA (Tax Free Savings Accounts)?
Due to the recent actions of the Bank of Canada in dropping rates to almost zero some financial institutions have taken it upon themselves to drop their depositors’ rates to almost zero. As an example, rate surveys tell us that some banks are paying as little as 0.05% on demand Tax Free Savings Accounts. Did you know that North Valley Credit union is paying 15 times this amount? This is not a short-term introductory offer but rather our regular ongoing rate. Your money is not locked in and is available to you on demand.
Consider switching your TFSA accounts to North Valley Credit Union and earn more interest on your life savings.
Give us a call so that we can provide further details. You can reach us at:

Telephone numbers: 306-745-6615 or toll free at 1-888-533-NVCU (6828).
Fax number – 306-745-2858.
Office address – 516 Main Street, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan.