The glassy but classy look at NVCU

This week marks the re-opening of many businesses across the country as we slowly return to normal. But, for North Valley Credit Union, the doors were opened on June 1st, meaning I was able to pop in last week and check out their fancy new glass partitions.

It’s funny really, growing up in the UK in the 1960’s, I seem to recall every financial institution having glass between the tellers and clients just as a matter of course. Coming to Canada 32 years ago, and discovering a more “open plan” architecture, well.. that felt a little strange to me back then. And so it is that the new partitions seem to engender a feeling of deja vu for me.

And so, I present in these pictures the “New look” NVCU. You could say it is “Glassy yet classy.” The tempered glass has been installed at all front office workstations, and will remain as a feature even when the current health situation has passed. It will represent an ongoing safety precaution to protect everyone’s health, no matter what bug may be in the air at the time.

NVCU is delighted to welcome back existing (and new) clients into the building, and they will continue to offer the sterling service for which they are known. However, it is also understandable that even with the safety precautions, some people may still be a little reluctant to venture “out and about” during the early days of the relaxing of restrictions. For that reason, NVCU also reminds clients that “Member Direct Internet Home Banking” services are still there, and that staff are also only a phone call away to assist you.