Earthquake hits Esterhazy area

It’s not exactly the “run of the mill” news item for the Esterhazy area, and maybe that’s why it’s already getting out there across the internet with amazing speed. From local newspapers, to provincial radio stations, and even US Geological sites, the web is buzzing with the report of an earthquake tonight to the east of Esterhazy.

It was recorded at 8:30 p.m. and had its epicenter around 17km to the east of town. In terms of depth, reports say it was 5km beneath the surface, and had a magnitude of 4.1 on the Richter scale. While it might not be an earth-shattering number, it is an earth shaker to a certain degree. Indeed, some people are already reporting that they felt something. One person said their hotel bed shook, and no doubt other personal anecdotes and experiences will be shared online and offline over the next few days.

It’s not the first minor quake to hit Esterhazy. Global News reported one in 2016, and back then some people wondered if mining operations were connected to it in some way, but experts quickly pointed out that natural tectonic activity is far more likely a culprit in such events. Tremors occur all over the world where there are no mining operations within thousands of kilometers. We live on a dynamic planet, and geological stresses, plate movements, fault lines, and the like do create noticeable and measurable results. Tonight’s event probably falls into those categories.

Reports also show that power outages have been experienced in Esterhazy, Rocanville, and Moosomin. While nobody is making a direct link to the earthquake yet, the timing is pretty convenient or at least co-incidental. It will be interesting to see what the utility companies say as time goes on.

For now, we’re all still learning, still watching. And once more grateful that to this point there are no reports of casualties.