Funds Raised for Homeless Veterans

Submitted by Marolyn Tocker

Funds Raised for Homeless Veterans – Farmers’ Market, Esterhazy, 2018

Last summer I set up a small table at the local Farmers’ Market for the purpose of raising funds for homeless veterans on the streets of Regina.

A few women donated food, adding to my own produce. I made a jar available for financial contributions if anyone wished to contribute. I said that all proceeds from sales and donations would go to a rescue mission in Regina, and that an anonymous person had offered to match any donations the mission received.

I did it three times. The total amount came to $450.00. Each time at the end of the market, I asked another person there to count the money, and to sign the envelope containing the cash, verifying the amount. The money was recounted, by the same person, just prior to my taking the envelopes in to the Mission’s accounting office. After the accountant counted the cash, I asked for a general receipt, and then showed it to the person from Esterhazy. I say all this to let those who contributed know the amount raised, and how the money was handled.

The Mission verified that this amount would indeed be matched, for a total donation of $900.00. I asked that this amount be earmarked for homeless veterans. The shelters know who they are, or at least a few of them.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. The homelessness of veterans is a very deep wound in our country.