$20,050 donated towards upgrades at EHS football field

In the fall of 2018 North Valley Credit Union decided to propose a matching donation with the proceeds going towards the upgrades required to the football field at the Esterhazy High School. The Warriors needed a far better facility upon which to play their games. NVCU put out a challenge to the community to help with this project and provided $ 10,000.00 towards this worthwhile goal. NVCU expresses its thanks to all those individuals and businesses in our area for meeting this challenge and enabling us to achieve a full match for the donation. On December 20th Donna Overland, President and Roy Spence CEO of North Valley Credit Union presented a cheque for $ 20,050.00 to several individuals from the Esterhazy High School and the Warriors football club.

This donation further illustrates that the support given to the North Valley Credit Union by individuals and businesses in the area is returned to the communities that we serve. This fulfills one of the co-operative principles which is “Concern for Community”. By providing such donations to worthwhile projects within our communities it ensures that everyone can share in the benefits derived from having a successful local credit union.