A special message from Gerry Oake (Our House)

I received a phone call and email from Gerry Oake yesterday, with the request that I publish his message. Many of you will know that Gerry campaigned tirelessly every year for more than a decade, to raise funds for an “Our House” addiction recovery centre in the Esterhazy area. Then, two years ago, he moved to Vancouver. If you wondered what happened to him, his plans, and the funds, you should read this message. – Kenneth


Although the plans to open a recovery house in Saskatchewan have been put on hold due to the need for my help in running another Our House recovery home in Surrey BC that was already established, I am offering the opportunity for anyone seeking recovery to come out to BC to our facility here for a 6 month or longer (if required) program.

The funds collected over the last 12 years of fundraising efforts in the Esterhazy area are still in trust in Esterhazy and can be used to help fund someone from Saskatchewan who would require assistance in attending the program in BC.

If my current situation changes before my plans of retirement, I will be returning to the Esterhazy area with the same plan to open a house there upon my retirement.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or if you require information on how to get in to the Our House program, please feel free to contact me at 604-594-1168 or my cell at 306-745-7241.

Kindest Regards
Gerry Oake