Have you thought about solar?

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to reduce your power bills and at the same time know that you are contributing to a cleaner environment for all of us? Well, now you can. And, our sponsor, North Valley Credit Union is there to help. They have a number of financing options to choose from that might work well in your situation. These could entail:

• Adding the cost of your solar generator to your existing mortgage (non-CMHC).
• Taking out a separate loan over a period of time that is commensurate with the long-lived nature of the solar panels you are installing using the equity in your home.
• Taking out a shorter-term consumer loan to finance the purchase.

Remember that installing a solar generator on your house will increase its value when it comes time to sell. Most solar panel arrays are guaranteed for 25 years but usually last longer than this so you will be creating a power generating unit that will provide value for many years to come.

You can do your own research and choose whichever solar company you want to do the installation.

Please feel free to talk to one of the NVCU lenders for a free consultation to see if installing a solar generator will work for you.