Updates from Skate Esterhazy

Submitted by Skate Esterhazy

Every four years, athletes from many different sports have the chance to be a part of one of the biggest winter events in the province, the Saskatchewan Winter Games. This year the games are being held in North Battleford February 18-24, and Skate Esterhazy is thrilled to have five of its own athletes taking part.

On December 9th Bethune was host to the Figure Skating run offs where Alexa Nagy, Cayleigh Banga, Michael Romanchook, Andelina Romanchook and Tessa Helmeczi competed with hopes of earning a spot on the Parkland Valley Winter Games team. Alexa competed in Class 3 U17 where she placed 2nd in her zone with 25.04 and earned herself a spot on the team. Cayleigh competed in Class 2 U15 where she came in 3rd with a total of 12.72. She was rewarded a wild card spot and will be representing Parkland Valley in February. Michael competed in the Class 2 U15 Juvenile men category and earned himself a spot after completing his long program and receiving 18.14 points for his effort. Andelina competed in the class 1 U12 category where she placed third in the Parkland valley region earning herself 16.99 points and a wild card spot on the team. Tessa also competed in the class 1 U12 category where she placed 2nd with a total of 17.61 earning her a spot on the team. Michael and Andelina also competed in the class

In other club news…

  • A test day was held on December 17th in Esterhazy. The following is a list of the tests passed: Sara Heise – 10-fox. Skylar Pangracs – Keats foxtrot and senior bronze skills. Cayleigh Banga – American waltz and junior silver skills. Alexa Nagy – Blues and junior silver freeskate part B.
  • On December 21st Braida LeNouail traveled to Regina where she passed her Bronze and Silver Interpretive.

The December skater of the month title (sponsored by knights of Columbus) was shared by Cayleigh Banga and Skylar Pangracs. A presentation was made by Ivan Hruska. (Below).



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