Update regarding Potashville Music Festival

Here’s an update we received this week regarding the upcoming Potashville Music Festival. – Kenneth

We hope that the students that are involved with the performing arts, are having a look at narrowing down their choices for their performances at this year’s POTASHVILLE MUSIC FESTIVAL😊 Entry deadline is JAN 26🎼

For information on classes, please view the online syllabus –http://smfa.ca/wp-conte…/uploads/…/05/2016-2018-Syllabus.pdf Pease also visit the SMFA website to find more information about our festival with regards to entries, entry fees, scholarships and awards: Click on “Festivals,” then “District Festivals” followed by “Potashville Music Festival.”

The image shown here needs to be filled with volunteers to work various jobs for the festival. If you are able to work a shift, please FB message, text or phone Katherine Miller at 306-745-8504 to sign up and for any questions you have about the volunteer duties.

Volunteer duties include:
1. Admissions/Cashier
– Work at the door, taking admissions & selling programs
– Keep record of cash at the door when session is over
2. Door Monitor
– Ensure no one enters during a performance (often this job can be combined with Admissions
3. Board Monitor
– Print out entries on white board during a session (class & name of competitor)
4. Adjudicator’s Secretary
– Receive music from participants & keep in order
– Give music and marking sheets to adjudicator
– Call out name of next competitor as soon as adjudicator is done writing comments
– Keep record of all marks in Secretary’s recording book
– Make out 1st and 2nd place certificates & include mark

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