Rachel Dancsok news update – Sept 26


Rachel recently participated in the “Holy Spirit Fire Miracle Conference” at Global Faith Healing Ministries in Regina. The event was covered by Access TV. Rachel sang 6 songs on the Friday event, and on Saturday, she and Darwin appeared on Paulette Dey’s Radio Show, “Gospel Jubilee,” on CJTR Regina Community Radio, Regina.

Comments from her fans included:-

  • Rachel, you’re music continues to help & heal! I needed this tonight – Thank you sister! Love your guys!
  • Oh, Rachel, that song was so heart filling. What a wonderful song & sung by you.
  • What a true blessing you are!
  • Your ministry will be a huge contribution to the conference.
  • You do have a heart of compassion for people. Just your presence and your smile brings healing to people. It is the presence of Jesus in you where ever you go. You do not only have a singing ministry but also a Evangelism ministry. People can feel the compassion. Jesus moved with compassion and miracles happen.

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