Churchbridge students get to experience harvest first hand


Pictures from Warren Kaeding. Report from Amanda Kornaga.

CPS students got to experience harvest first hand on September 16th as Sorgard Seeds combined the school’s wheat crop. As well as having an opportunity to tour the combines and watch them work, the students got to see a drone in action, listen to MLA Warren Kaeding speak, and thank all of those who contributed to the project.

Before departing the field every student was also given an Ag More Than Ever T-shirt which are keystone contributor, Sharpes Soil Service graciously donated. At the end of the day the crop yielded roughly 57 bushels to the acre which we were all quite happy with. The profits made from the crop will be used to improve the outdoor spaces at our school.

The event was part of the CPS Learn Ag Project. Over the past year the staff and students at CPS as well as dedicated community members have been working together to provide educational opportunities that engage youth with their environment and create ties between skills learned in the classroom and the agriculture industry.

With the help of Sharpes Soil Services, Sorgaard Seeds, Rathgeber Seeds, Fraser Farms, Warren Kaeding, Bayer Crop Science and Dow Agrosciences we secured 35 acres of land as well as all the crop inputs and labor last fall to be used for educational purposes. Thanks to the help of schools such as LHS, Hoffman, and MacDonald, which have organized similar projects we have had a very positive response from supporters.

Throughout the 2015/16 school year the Learn Ag project has provided a multitude of unique learning experiences for both staff and students that would not have been possible otherwise. As well as incorporating themes of agriculture into daily lessons our staff and students also engaged in a variety of learning experiences sponsored by the local contributors. These included:-

  • Our grade 1-6 students rotated through the mobile interactive ag trailer which was supplied by our provincial Ag In The Classroom Programming
  • The grade three class spent a day at the pizza farm near Yorkton
  • Many of our staff took part in a professional development night sponsored by Sharpes Soil Services and gained a great number of ideas and resources
  • The entire school participated in a Learn Ag day to kick off the seeding season. During this day, students learned about the technology, economics, and science of farming.

Click images below to open the gallery.

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