Two new coffee choices coming to Esterhazy


Coffee drinkers are really chatting up a storm in Esterhazy, with the announcement this week that Saparas Drug Mart is bringing Tim Hortons to Main Street, this news is hot on the heels of the earlier announcement that another new coffee venue is opening in the renovated Maple Leaf Theatre.

For many years, some people have complained about the lack of a good coffee spot in Esterhazy. Sure there have been sit-down restaurants, but sometimes that’s not what you want, you just want a good cup of coffee and a place to sit and chat, and in the eyes of many people that’s been sadly lacking in the town. But that’s about to change.

Of course Tim Hortons needs no introduction. It’s not just a coffee shop, it is a Canadian institution. Many people in the town are hailing the news with great enthusiasm, but others are a bit guarded, citing the lack of parking and lack of a drive through as being potentially problematic.

Only time will tell if these issues negatively impact the business, but recently a pharmacy in Kipling also opened a Tim Hortons outlet, and neither of these envisioned setbacks have detracted from the public embracing their double-doubles and ice caps with absolute passion.


Jennifer Duff with her husband Oryan, and sons Tucker and Aiden.

And then there’s the other new coffee choice, and that is the operative word here CHOICE. Rejoicing in the name Whippletree Coffee Shop, the shop in the Maple Leaf Theatre building will offer a radically-different environment from your average Timmies.

Indeed, according to owner Jennifer Duff, the shop will feature a unique decor that includes reclaimed furniture, board games, and a turntable for guests to play their old records on. It will also cater to the more gourmet-conscious coffee drinkers with lots of different offerings.

All of this is great news for coffee lovers, and there’s no reason why both businesses shouldn’t absolutely thrive in Esterhazy. Want the long-trusted traditional flavour of your Timmes? Esterhazy you’ve got it. Want something a bit different surrounded in a unique atmosphere? Esterhazy you’ve got that too!

No matter which way you look at it, this is a win-win situation for the town and the respective business owners, and it is sure to add significant value to the downtown core. Whippletree opens in early October, and it is likely Tim Hortons will open around the same period.

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