Have your story written in paperback by Christmas!

Would you like to have your life story professionally researched, written, and then published in a high-quality paperback book for your family to enjoy for generations to come?

Would you like to pass on lessons from your life, share important photographs, and make sure you are not forgotten? If the answer is yes, you need to act quickly to make the dream a reality.

Most of you know me as the founder of EsterhazyOnline, but in the past I have also written a couple of biographies for private clients, and I am making that service available again now, for a limited number of clients.

I currently have openings to work with two clients who’d like to have their biography in print by Christmas. Imagine giving your family a copy of your biography this year, it will be the most personal gift you have ever given.

Here are two biographies already published. You can click on the cover images below to view more details of these paperback books on the world-class Lulu.com publishing website. The books are printed and published to the same standard you would expect to see on your local book store shelf.



The process of creating your story is quite involved, taking well over 100 hours of dedicated time for each client. This is not a free service, and not all applicants will be accepted. But, if you are interested in having your story considered for the professional treatment, please fill in and submit the form below, and I will be in touch.


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