Macdonald School news updates


Hello and welcome back to another great year at Macdonald School!

  • This year, we are happy to welcome our 7 kindergarten students to our school, along with 13 new students who are spread out across the grades.
  • We also welcome our new Grade 8 & 9 teacher, Ms. Karen Ward.
  • Our bell structure is as follows:  morning bell rings at 8:30; morning recess 10:00 – 10:15; lunch 11:45 – 12:30; DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) 12:30-12:45; afternoon recess 1:45 – 2:00; dismissal bell 3:00
  • Bus students are dropped off and picked up in front of the school using the main doors; please respect the bus loading zone and obey the traffic rules
  • When dropping off items during the day for students please check in at the main office beforehand
  • Messages can be left for students throughout the day by phoning 306-793-2020; if I am in the library at that time or away from the phone,  please leave a message on message manager.  I check it periodically throughout the day and just before the dismissal bell so that students receive those crucial end of the day messages.  Leaving a voice mail is the best way to ensure that your child receives your message.
  • The canteen will be open for the first day of school.  A price list will be sent out next week.
  • Picture day is Thursday, September 8th.
  • Check out our new community “book nook” – Macdonald School has built a book nook outside located in the front of the school at the main west entrance.  Inside you will find a book that can be shared with others and then returned.  The fun part is that if you borrow a book you must replace it with another that can be shared and enjoyed. Happy reading! Please spread the word throughout the community that this for everyone, not just the school community
  • Please note that Macdonald school has some students with severe allergies.  These allergies include tree nut/peanut allergies and shellfish allergies and because of this our school is designated a tree nut/peanut free zone as well as a shellfish free zone.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Kathryn Brunskill,
Administrative Assistant/Library Technician. Macdonald School

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