Kid’s Carnival raises around $1,500 for Spray Park

This post is brought to you by our advertisers. Thanks and appreciation to UNDERGROUND FITNESS for their support. (HERE).


It was a glorious summer day on Saturday, August 6, with plenty of fun for families down at the Regional Park. The occasion was a Kid’s Carnival, being sponsored by Underground Fitness as a fundraiser for the Esterhazy Spray Park project.

Erin Unchulenko told EsterhazyOnline, “It was awesome to see kids so excited and having so much fun.”

soakthemayorAnd indeed part of that fun was watching local luminaries getting dunked in the water. EHS teachers Mr. Marchand and Mr Walker were put in the hot seat, and duly found themselves in the water as marksmen hit the right spot to trigger their fall.

Added to the list of soaked dignitaries was Mayor Pauline Chewka, who said of her impromptu baptism, “The water was cold, but it was for a good cause.”

The event also included bouncers, a canteen and games, and raised approximately $1,500 for the Spray Park.

Latest numbers for the project show that around $130,000 has been raised towards the Spray Park. The total estimate for completion is in the region of $283,000. Originally there was a hope that this number could be reduced by having volunteers assist in the construction, but this intention does not fall within the latest guidelines of the equipment suppliers.

The Spray Park committee is grateful to Underground Fitness for their sponsorship of the kid’s carnival, and to ALL the volunteers that came forward to donate their time to help make the event possible. Special thanks to Jonathan Robert for helping get the snow fence up too.

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