Play “Blackout Bingo” at ten museums across the region


The museums across the Parkland region have come up with a great incentive to get more people through the doors. It’s called “Blackout Bingo” and it works a bit like the passport system you typically see at multicultural events like Mosaic in Regina.

Simply visit any one of the ten participating museums and pick up your passport and get it stamped there. Then visit the other locations to get your passport stamped in those places too. Those visitors who collect all ten stamps can be eligible to win a grand prize.

The participating museums are:-

  • Esterhazy
  • Kaposvar
  • Langenburg
  • Spy Hill
  • Rocanville
  • Moosomin
  • Wawota
  • Kipling
  • Whitewood
  • Broadview

Over the last few years, EsterhazyOnline has visited the museums at Kipling, Wawota, and Esterhazy of course. To whet your appetite to participate in the promotion, we’re publishing more than 100 pictures taken in these three museums in the gallery below. Take a look, and then go and visit the various museums to see more than 100,000 artifacts of culture and heritage for yourself.

Our thanks to the Platinum advertisers for their support of our photography. (Kevin Zazula, North Valley Credit Union, Churchbridge Credit Union, Pharmasave Esterhazy, Crushrite Concrete, Merit Ford Esterhazy). Click any image below to open the gallery.

One response to “Play “Blackout Bingo” at ten museums across the region

  1. Kenneth,
    Thank you ever so much for the excellent coverage !!

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