We want your news!

eollogoToday is a quiet news day in a quiet news month. Seems like everything was happening about a month ago, with Hazy Dayz, graduation and all the associated excitement surrounding those events. But now, it’s that time newspapers hate, when folks are on vacation, and the summer stillness kicks in at the local level.

So, it’s a great time to remind readers that EsterhazyOnline is always ready to hear from you. If you have a great story idea, or know of something happening in the area that we should tell people about, then please tell us.

Similarly, we want to hear about the happenings in your church, your club, your youth group, service organization, sports team, charity, etc. Please don’t leave us in the dark, and remember also to send us notices of upcoming events.

The more you keep us in the loop, the better we can serve the informational needs of the area. So, in the top menu we have added a new entry called NEWS TIPS. Please keep us informed so we can inform the community.


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