Tanya Schentag wins 50-second shopping spree at Bigway


At the end of June, Tanya Schentag was the lucky winner of a 50-second shopping spree at Esterhazy Bigway Foods. Tanya’s name was one of more than 5,000 entries in the draw box at the store over the previous eight weeks, and she availed herself of the unique shopping experience on June 29th, just before the store opened for the day.

The competition was part of a summer promotion running across the TGP store network, with many stores participating in the 50-second spree event. Winners were capped at a value of $500, with the option of either purchasing or returning products over that value.

Tanya had planned her route in the minutes before the clock started running, and when the door opened for her, she made straight for the meat counter to maximize her value, with her total coming in at around $370. After the event she said “It was a bit of a rush that’s for sure!”

Below is a video of her spree, and you can also scroll further down for some pictures taken from a second camera.

Congratulations Tanya.

Here is the video

And here is a gallery of pictures.

(Note:- Due to a re-location, EsterhazyOnline was without internet access from June 29 to July 14, hence the lateness of the publication of this report.)

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