New Online System for Saskatchewan Businesses

GOVTA new online system will make it easier to register and maintain a business in Saskatchewan.  The province’s modernized Corporate Registry system is now available to the public online.

“Along with being far more user-friendly for our business community, the new system eliminates many of the labour intensive, paper-driven tasks that existed before,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said.  “I’d like to thank Information Services Corporation for their work on this major initiative.”

The Corporate Registry system will make it faster and more convenient for businesses and non-profit corporations to search, register and operate in Saskatchewan.  Among other things, the new system will allow corporations to submit yearly filings online, check business name availability, and gain easier access to a wide variety of documents and services.  Customers have been eagerly awaiting the new system.

The system enables business registration and facilitates corporate filings.  The registry houses key business information and makes it available to the public.  It is managed by Information Services Corporation (ISC), with oversight provided by the Ministry of Justice’s Office of Public Registry Administration.

For further information on the new Corporate Registry, visit

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