Presenting… The EHS Class of 2016


Esterhazy High School held the graduation exercises for “The Class of 2016” on the evening of June 27, with all the glamour, pomp and circumstance that traditionally graces the most-awaited occasion of a high school student’s life.

The evening began with the entrance of the graduates and escorts, and their introduction by name. Thereafter the class was officially presented to the audience as a group.

Following the singing of O Canada, and the reading of a message of goodwill from the Minister of Education, Principal Gord Erhardt addressed the audience, and then the evening moved into the presentation of scholarships, awards and diplomas.

Congratulations to all graduates. You can read their names in the scan from the official program at the end of this article. In the meantime, we present the pictures taken at the early part of the event. Open the viewer by clicking any image.

And here is the scan of the graduates names. Click the image to see a larger version for readability.





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