News from CPS – June 27


  • Final Exams will continue.  Please be extra quiet in the hallways as students are writing exams.  We will leave the bells on.  We will do announcements today and each classroom can be responsible for O’Canada.
  • Welcome to CPS! Oralie Entz has been hired as 7/8 homeroom teacher until March 1, 2017 when Ms. Pennell returns from her maternity leave.
  • Congratulations to Bailey Marshall– she will be at CPS full time again next year.
  • Farewell: We say farewell to temporary employees EA Michelle Pattison and Caretaker Monica Reetz.  It has been a pleasure working with both of you!
  • School Clothing: Our school clothing will arrive Monday or Tuesday.  Please listen to announcements so you know when it is ready for pick up.
  • K – 9 regular classes will continue until June 28th. Report cards will be issued by the end of the Tuesday, June 28th.
  • Canteen:  There are only juice box and few snacks available.  Please bring a lunch.
  • If you have an expired propane tank that you would like to get rid of feel free to drop them off at the Millwright shop. They will be using them for a camp stove project next year and will take as many as they can get.
  • Band students in grades 10 – 12 are reminded to take home their instruments over the summer unless they belong to the school.  They must be gone before school is out.
  • JR SRC TALENT SHOW Is on June 28th started at 12:30 in the library. Grade 1-6 students, start thinking and planning an act if you are interested in participating. SRC members will come around on Monday to collect your name and talent.
  • 2017 Europe Trip – Anyone who still wanted to register the deadline is June 30.
  • Grade 10 –   After final exams all chromebooks need to be returned to the library.
  • Staff:  Just a reminder that to there needs to be a copy of report cards for the cumulative folders.
  • Support staff any amendments need to be made asap as tomorrow is your last day.

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