Housing Investments Creating Jobs in Saskatchewan

GOVTThe Government of Saskatchewan is committed to meeting housing need and encouraging economic development by investing nearly $700 million in housing since 2007.  This investment encouraged an additional $1.6 billion to be spent for a total of more than $2.3 billion in housing initiatives since 2007, generating more than 11,000 jobs in the housing industry.

Additionally, the 2016-17 Budget saw an increase of $2.2 million to Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, plus $8 million in new money that has been allocated for the Graduate Retention Program First Home Plan.

“Our government is building on our commitment to keep Saskatchewan strong by providing a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people,” Social Services Minister and Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation Donna Harpauer said.  “These investments will further our poverty reduction strategy with improved access to safe and affordable homes, support our recent graduates, and provide job opportunities in the residential housing construction sector which will create security for people and grow the economy.”

“The Government of Saskatchewan shows a continuing commitment to supporting the needs of Saskatchewan through the construction of affordable housing units,” Saskatchewan Construction Association President and CEO Mark Cooper said.  “When government builds essential housing, they also create jobs for Saskatchewan people and invest in Saskatchewan companies.  It’s the literal definition of a win-win-win.”

Over half of the 11,000 jobs were directly related to the increased housing activity.  The remaining jobs were in other industries that support housing activities in Saskatchewan.

“With our partnerships with municipalities, builders, lenders and non-profit organizations, we are seeing tangible results of these investments as we work to provide housing to Saskatchewan’s growing population,” Harpauer said.

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