RCMP and Government to Partner on Safe Driving Campaign

GOVTDuring the week of June 20, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is teaming up with the RCMP to educate the public on the importance of slowing to 60 km/hr when passing emergency workers.

”We are pleased to partner with the RCMP to raise awareness about the importance of obeying speed laws and driving attentively when passing first responders,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Nancy Heppner said.  “First responders are working to keep us safe; we need to do our part to ensure their workplace is as safe as possible.”

Drivers in Saskatchewan are required to slow to 60km/hr in both directions on two-lane highways and both lanes traveling the same direction on four-lane highways when passing vehicles with their lights activated.  This includes emergency vehicles (law enforcement, fire trucks and ambulances) and tow trucks, as well as Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure and municipal equipment.

Last year, 478 speeders were ticketed during two traffic safety events.  Fines start at $210 for speeding 10 km/hr faster than the maximum 60 km/hr.

“Our goal is to prevent close calls and disastrous situations from happening,” RCMP Southeast Combined Traffic Services Staff Sgt. Pete Garvey said.  “Partnering with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure increases our visibility on Saskatchewan roads.”

A second safety event will occur in mid-October.

The Highway Transport Patrol is part of the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.  Highway traffic officers are responsible for on-road enforcement of commercial vehicles and operating vehicle inspection stations.

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