Rachel’s Reports from Jamaica – Part Two

rj2-hRachel Dancsok has now returned from her Christian mission trip to Jamaica. We featured part one of her reports a week ago (HERE), and now we conclude with more diary entries directly from her facebook.

June 10

Morning breakfast was just wonderful! Our hostess showed me around her back yard that are filled with fruit & vegetables. So good to taste the real thing.


June 11

Yesterday, have to play catch up! 😊 I’ll tell you why…plus a full day , church started 6:30 and it didn’t end till 1 am. Our coming was in conjunction with special guest pastors. With powerful preaching, Worship in and about the service, welcoming receiving of prayer.

This meant the most!… In church. This little girl was singing her heart out to God!! She kept looking at me. At the end of the service ones that want prayer go to the front for prayer, I motioned her to come to me. I prayed for her.

We all sat down. This little girl was in front of me. She leans over and says, “My Mommy died!” She lives with her Grandmother. Told her to come sit with me. I prayed again with tears flowing down my cheeks and gave her a very “long” hug and said “this is your Mommy hugging you and will never let you go”. “You have Jesus in your heart & you will see your Mommy in heaven.”

Earlier I asked God who do I give my Cd’s to?

I gave all 3 to her & said when you are a big girl YOU PHONE ME OR EMAIL ME.

I will keep her picture & hope one day I will meet her again.

What a beautiful day.💜

We drove out to visit Pastor Paulette’s family. All the way there was everything Jamaica can offer. The roads, the people, the warmth. The fruit!!! Right at your fingertips!!! All kinds of relatives came by. Was good to see them. We prayed for them all.

Standing for a picture, got bit up by ants! 😣But the aunty came to the rescue and it stopped hurting.

Traveled back, picked up some “Paddy’s” ate that, got dressed for church. Traveled to the church.

Was good.💜!!!

June 12

3 church services

First church sang acapella. They did not have a PA system. Everything was beautiful. It doesn’t matter what you don’t have, it’s your heart! The team all had special messages that they shared. All the people all so friendly.

Oh boy…Love the Jamaican beat!!!

Second church was a friend to Pastor, so we stopped in there. This church was still in the process of being built but church continues on!!! Was basically a roof, sides. Its going to be nice. The people where friendly & sincere. Sang 1 song but wanted another….then another. Was good.

Third church we traveled to another city, 1 1/2 hours away, just to see a big church, congregation of 100’s. I sang a song there!!!!

You get quite warm in your Sunday clothes!!😊
It reminds me of all the years sitting in the tractor with no air conditioning. There’s a way how to handle it!😉 A little different with long skirts & dresses though. Lol.🤗 Hey but this tough farm girl can handle it. 🙌

The trip home, yes very late.
Good day God! Thankful!

June 14

Jamaica Mission Trip

Morning filled with good food, fellowship & shopping. Got myself a safari hat. Will need that tomorrow.

We had once again to visit with 4 ladies from our leaders family. Was good to see them again. I showed them pictures from home. Me dressed for winter, the snow, driving the tractor, my gardens, “the cows”. They asked questions. We even talked about canning & cooking. 😊

Church Service – was great. They are so welcoming! It amazes me – no matter where you are in the “WORLD” when His people gather under one roof, we are one worshiping the only one and true God!!! And the songs…some of them are what we sing!!! Like worshiping with the chorus of “IT IS NO SECRET ” & “ONE DAY AT A TIME”.

The team led in wonderful blessed uplifting messages. One of the team sharing with a humble spirit but as powerful as a sword. God used each one of us with our uniqueness to touch them & us. “WHAT A MIGHT GOD WE SERVE” ” ALWAYS WILLING, ALWAYS THERE”

The team was always there to pray for the people. I was handed the mic to sing songs with the Pastor of the church. He taught me a couple of new ones and something that surprised me again…they knew “IT IS NO SECRET ” & “ONE DAY AT A TIME “! We sang only the chores to these songs.

The people! Wonderful people of God!
I sang 3 song: JESUS LOVES ME, NO LIMIT, HE SET ME FREE. Is that not the best words ever….HE SET ME FREE!!!!! Praise our God who sent His only Son that He would come and be the sacrifice for our sin, that whosoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life. Only through JESUS do we come into eternal life. We have to ask Him in. If not this way, you have chosen the other. It’s a question of LIFE OR DEATH. The choice is yours!

With a short drive home we were tucked into our beds or at least me 1 am.
Jamaica Mission Trip
Last church before we go home. I pray I’ll never loose this Jamican feel of worship & their wonderful beat!

June 14

Jamaica Mission Trip

Our last day here. 😐 But the best memories & experience & blessings given to me! I have them stored in my heart, and forever the love for the Jamaican people! I will pray for you! 😀 I have been blessed & am so grateful!

Woke up quite early and sat on the balcony with my pen & paper & Bible. Surveying the beauty, sounds & my time alone with God. I have been so blessed. The team – was basically us 4. Our time together, I look up to God and say “Thank you”. You were always in control, leading and guiding us.

We’ll be planning our free day. I would like to see a beach & the ocean. One member would like to gave a real coconut. We’ll see what the rest of the group wants.

” God my prayer was to go all over the world, not for just a holiday but to sing for you!” Thank you.😊

So good, Pastor’s Uncle, who has been so kind and patient to drive us around, who is a worshiper, singer and songwriter….He’s just a singing, so I’m heading downstairs to drink it in. 💜💜💜

Bye for now ! Every one have a great day.

June 14

Jamaica Mission Trip

Super day.😊

Besides eating a lengthy breakfast, we had a visit from the next door neighbor and 2 of Pastor Paulette’s relatives. Was nice to see the ladies again. What a wonderful visit. He was sharing his testimony. With a few others doing the same , I felt to share the song ” IF JESUS CAN LOVE ME I KNOW HE LOVES YOU”

We were honored by the 2 ladies presenting us with gifts for coming to minister to her church last night. Thank you ladies!

We traveled quite far to dip our toes in the ocean, but we did it!!!! Taking in the unique country side.

Next was to find some coconut!!! Yes along the road side we found a stand. I also bought some homegrown peanuts.

Home ward bound but not before we stop at the super market. I need to bring back some Jamaica buns, chips, few other things for Darwin.

Jamaica has been good. “10 churches & orphanage”. Filled, pressed down, shaken together, running over!!!!

Thank you to GLOBAL FAITH HEALING MINISTRIES, PASTOR PAULETTE DAY, REGINA, SK. CANADA for organizing & making this all possible.

Thank you God!! You are the reason we go, for YOU & YOUR KINGDOM!!!!

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