New responsibilities for Esterhazy Warrior Football Coaches

warriorslogoSubmitted by Warrior staff

There has been some significant changes at the leadership level of the Warrior Football Program.  The duties of Head Coach and General Manager of the team has been shifted to Tyler Metz.  “I have learnt so much about this sport, which I am very passionate about, in my years here as a coach and from the Mentoring from the previous leadership.  When I was approached, I knew it was time to step up and take on this responsibility.  I also knew if I let it slip by me I would never forgive myself for the lost opportunity to expand my role working with these committed student athletes.”  explains Metz.  “All of the coaching staff has been so supportive and are working hard while looking forward to a successful 2016 campaign. “   The remaining Staff are all Alumni with extensive knowledge and experience in the game, they all have many years coaching and being part of this team and are effective in mentoring the players.   The Coaching Staff includes, Aaron Polvi –Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator,  Zack Metz – Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach,  Cardell Holinaty – Defensive Secondary Coach,  Donovan Shire – Assistant Coach,  Daniel Green – Guest coach – Running backs,  Jon Robert – Guest Coach – Offensive line,  Bryton Hawcutt – Guest Coach, and Sam Baker – Guest Coach – Receivers.

This program is unique that it is in a joint sponsorship with surrounding communities of Langenburg, Churchbridge, and Stockholm making it truly a team effort.  Metz also mentions that he has fantastic support from the families and parents of the players.  Two parents in particular, Kristen Groeneveld and Coreen  Carriere-Chaisson  have stepped forward with assistance in the administrative department.  Audrey Marchand will work her magic as the treasurer at the high school.  The Canteen has been run by Keith and Elise Dunster in the past and they have graciously stepped forward to continue this responsibility.  Local Teacher Joel Blair will be the voice of the Warriors at home games and Teacher Rick Heise will carry on his role of running the chain crew and as timekeeper for home games.

“This program is about the young people on the field, anything this leadership and coaching group can do to make their lives better and to help them learn to be better football players, team mates and contributing members of their communities,  we will go out of our way to accomplish.” Explains Metz.  “The culture of this team all these years has been to be a good person first.  The players know they are part of something special and it means a lot to be part of this team.  The senior players mentor the younger ones with being a better overall team the main focus.  We have no ego’s here, just confidence and a pay it forward attitude” he continues.   “Our goal is to build on the accomplishments of last year and continue to demand commitment and physical fitness from this team. It will be a lot of dedication and work from the players and coaches… nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!”  “We did have success on the field last year and we are striving to continue that trend.  We also have had Athletes in this program the last three years go on to the next level of play in the CJFL or CIS University.  We do everything we can to provide the contacts and resources to assist the students in any way possible if that is part of their life goals” says Metz.  It’s exciting to have them go on and have success at the next level and represent this community and team!”

The program has already ran its Spring camp for the Seniors and Juniors the week of May 30th with great success.  Great lengths were taken at communicating the expectations of next season to the players.  It culminated with flag football games between the players and their parents on Friday June 3rd.  Metz elaborates ”we had a lot of sweat and hard work during the week and it was nice to have some fun  Friday, I saw a lot of smiling faces and a good time was had by all, it was a great turnout and hopefully it’s a springboard to next season”.   Any information on the upcoming events and season are posted  the website at  Please come out and support the team at their events.

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