Family Matters Program Available Province-Wide

GOVTA successful program that has been helping to minimize the effect of separation and divorce on family members, especially children, is now being offered throughout Saskatchewan.

Family Matters: Assisting Families through Separation and Divorce has expanded its services to all Saskatchewan families seeking help while going through a separation or divorce.  The program provides high quality information and a cost-effective way to access the justice system.

“Our government appreciates the role of Family Matters to work with couples and families going through difficult transitions,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said.  “We know there are more citizens in our province that will benefit from this type of assistance.”

The program, which was provided nearly $1.3 million in funding from the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan, offers families in transition access to an early, affordable and informal opportunity to resolve issues.  The program assists couples with or without children.

“We are pleased to see the province-wide expansion of the Family Matters program,” Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Executive Director Bob Watt said.  “Those involved with the delivery of the program continue to do an excellent job helping those going through separation and divorce.”

Since the three-year pilot project launched in November 2014, nearly 1,300 inquiries have been made through the program.

“I have seen firsthand the positive difference early intervention makes to ease some of the emotional and financial challenges that come with separation and divorce,” Family Matters Service Provider Suneil Sarai said.  “We are happy to expand services to the entire province and help more families navigate through this difficult period in their lives.”

Previously, the program was only available in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina and Moose Jaw.

For more information, call 1-844-863-3408 or email

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