News from CPS – June 13


  • Congratulations to Derek Copp who has accepted the vice principal position. He will be spending some time at CPS on Wednesday.
  • There are some tennis instructors here from Tennis Saskatchewan to put on some clinics for the students today and tomorrow.
  • In-School Mentoring:  Wind up party at Carlton Trail is today for those attending.  Please be ready and at the front entrance by 2:15 p.m.
  • Noon Gym Schedule:  Gr. 3 – 6
  • Yearbook is on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  These are the last meetings of this year. See you in July!
  • Thank-you to everyone who supported Free The Children with our Poop Lottery.  Thank-you to Kerri Rooke for lending us a ram and congratulations to our winner, Shannon McIntyre!
  • The Band Boosters are going to put one more shopping card order in before summer.  These are due to Mrs. McIntyre by June 16.
  • If you have an expired propane tank that you would like to get rid of feel free to drop them off at the Millwright shop. They will be using them for a camp stove project next year and will take as many as they can get.
  • JR SRC scavenger hunt last recess for anyone interested. Bring a pencil and receive the list from a SRC member by the buddy bench!
  • The SRC will be putting on a paint slip n’ slide for the 7’s to 12’s on June 21st. Make sure you have a light coloured shirt that you don’t mind getting a little colourful for that day!
  • Go Guys are Tuesday and Thursday this week.
  • Parents: If you would like to volunteer as a group leader or helper at our elementary track meet on June 17th please contact the school at your earliest convenience. Thank you!
  • Staff:  Support staff timesheets are due Wednesday.
  • Community News: If you have a small project you would like built or welded, the Millwright class may be able to help out for a small fee.  The projects would begin in the fall. Please contact the school 896-2712 for more information.

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