Rachel’s Reports from Jamaica – Part one


Rachel Dancsok is in Jamaica on a Christian mission trip. Here are some of the informal reports she’s sending, along with some pictures.

June 7

Today up at 3 am to bed at midnight with a couple of catnip. 😊 But still smilin’. We thank God for carrying us through the day.

Great day!

We had this dear lady, Sara, drive us around all day. She fed us at this meeting room and invited a Pastor who comes from Jamaica. He spoke over us & shared about the attributes of a servant heart & what it means to go on a mission. He referred to how Jesus was a servant. Be like Jesus.

Church this evening was fantastic. Can’t believe my love for the people. We all got invited up to address the church & share. Interesting how each one of us brings our gifts & they come together as a team. There is 7 of us. So interesting.



June 8

Oh my we’re in Jamaica!!!! Nice!

We are being hosted here. Thanks to Paulette’s sister.

I took a short video clip of some of the driving with my other camera. I’m going to try to get one for you soon. Wild! I was “gasping” lots.😄

We will be visiting our first church tonight.

Ministered in a little community church. Beautiful people! Pastor Paulette lead the group. Amazing, each one brought different messages. I sang “Jesus Loves Me” using sound track. They were all singing along. Funny had Was invited up 2 more times. The guitar player played “It Is No Secect” I couldn’t believe it….he & the people knew the song!!!! Plus leading songs as the people came for prayer!
Wonderful people coming up to talk to me.

Was a good night!

Very humid & downpours every once in a while.
The vehicles & driving is like England, which catches me off guard. Just about to say “watch out”

June 9

Yam, choco, carrot, plantai, callaloo, rice, salmon. “DELICIOUS “. Thank you hostess.

June 10

Made some more friends at the orphanage. Besides us, there was a group that came from USA which brought gifts & presented them with skits & songs.

That organization knew I sang & asked if I’d sing. They did not have a PA system or a guitar. Thought… I don’t need one – I gathered the children around me and we sang. Worked out perfect!

Another church service. They got such a neat/ free way to worship. Beautiful songs. There was even a young girl danced to a song. It was good! I sang 2: HE SET ME FREE, NO LIMIT.
Then Pastor Paulette asked for one more – JESUS LOVES ME.

I thank Paulette’s Uncle for the safe driving today. With a little lunch & great vising – time to call it a day.


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