Fire restrictions lifted at Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

GOVTFire conditions at several parks have improved due to recent precipitation.

Fire restrictions at Bronson Forest Recreation Site, Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park, Makwa Lake Provincial Park and Meadow Lake Provincial Park have been lifted.

Some locations are still quite dry, and the fire restrictions remain in place at Chitek Lake Recreation Site and some surrounding recreation sites.  All open fires in these locations are prohibited.  These restrictions will remain in effect until public notification by the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.

Self-contained portable gas heating devices and fire pits, barbecues, pressurized stoves, and charcoal briquettes will be permitted for cooking and heating purposes at park discretion for the duration of the ban.

For a complete list of provincial parks and recreation sites affected by fire bans and restrictions, visit

Travellers and outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to support fire suppression efforts by respecting any road closures, carrying a fire extinguisher in vehicles, and avoiding unnecessary idling.

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