May 29 to June 4 is Saskatchewan Tourism Week

GOVTThe Government of Saskatchewan is proclaiming May 29 to June 4 as Saskatchewan Tourism Week.  The week is part of a broader national initiative called Tourism Week in Canada, which brings attention to the impact of the country’s tourism sector and the economic opportunities available through travel and tourism. Saskatchewan Tourism Week highlights the importance of tourism in this province.

Tourism is a significant contributor to the Saskatchewan economy:

Annually, tourism generates more than $2.15 billion in travel expenditures.
Nearly 65,000 residents are employed in tourism or tourism-related jobs.
In 2014, more than 12.5 million visits were made to and within the province.
Saskatchewan’s tourism sector is 95 per cent small- or medium-sized businesses.

“Saskatchewan Tourism Week brings awareness to the many contributions the tourism sector makes to our strong economy and exceptional quality of life,” Minister responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan Jeremy Harrison said.  “This is a week to celebrate and discover remarkable experiences in our province, from beautiful parks and outdoor adventure to colourful community events and lively urban centres.”

“Tourism Saskatchewan has the enviable task of connecting travellers with authentic Saskatchewan stories that will form life-long memories and compel them to visit time and time again,” Tourism Saskatchewan CEO Mary Taylor-Ash said.  “Our organization works with members of the tourism sector to develop and deliver these experiences.”

In 2015, Tourism Saskatchewan unveiled a new brand for the province.  The brand captures the essence of the province and reflects the qualities that are unique and memorable, and make Saskatchewan distinct from other destinations.  Currently, Tourism Saskatchewan is airing two 60-second television commercials that capture the exhilarating experience of canoeing the Churchill River, and illuminate the meaningful bonds created while camping with family in Prince Albert National Park.

“This is just the beginning of a series of stories that will generate interest in Saskatchewan and entice visitors to see what this great province has to offer,” Taylor-Ash said.  “This Saskatchewan Tourism Week, we encourage everyone to explore this magnificent province, its landscapes, dramatic skies and welcoming communities.”

Saskatchewan Tourism Week celebrations are planned throughout the province and include public barbeques, community tours, flag-raising ceremonies, open houses, as well as contests and promotions.

For more information and a complete list of community events, visit  To view Tourism Saskatchewan’s promotional videos, visit

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