Health and Fitness Anytime – May 30

With Jolene de Vries


Question:  My work schedule has changed and I will need to switch my workouts from evenings to early mornings. I’ve never been one to workout in the morning and need some advice on how to stick to my exercise program.

Answer:  Changing your exercise time will be challenging at first, but since you already have exercise as part of your weekly routine these 3 tips should help you make the transition from evenings to mornings easier.  Schedule in exercise like you would your dentist appointment or a work meeting.  Write it down in your calendar or smartphone and set a reminder alarm for the night before.  Be sure to review your calendar and ensure you can get plenty of sleep the night prior so your workouts are effective. Try moving your alarm to the other side of the room so you’ll have to get up and get out of bed to shut it off.  Once you’re up it’ll be much easier to get moving.  Give yourself enough time to eat a small snack (a banana, toast with peanut butter or a hand full of almonds) and drink coffee (if you normally do), plus drink at least one glass of water on your way to the gym. Lastly, lay out your workout clothes the night before and pack your gym bag so you are ready to go and can get out the door quickly and stress free.  Exercising in the morning s a great way to get your day started and check a very important ‘to do’ off your list!

Question:  I have started playing on a basketball league and want to improve my quickness and footwork.  I feel that I have a good variety of strength exercises for overall basketball conditioning, but I need suggestions on exercises to help my foot speed.

Answer: Jumping rope is one of the easiest ways to improve your foot speed, which is important in basketball. The sport requires you to be light on your feet and have the agility and quickness to move in multiple directions and the simple act of jumping rope can significantly improve your footwork.  Jump rope for a few minutes as part of your strength training warm up or before your basketball practices and games.  Over time work your way up to 8-10 minutes of continuous jumping rope for 2-3 days a week as part of your workout.  Keep in mind that improving your agility is not only good for basketball, but it’s good for life. The ability to regain your balance in every day activities will keep you safe for years to come.

About the author: Jolene de Vries is the Club Owner at Anytime Fitness coming to Esterhazy, Saskatchewan in summer of 2016.  To submit a question for future articles, please contact the author at

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