Great play at Churchbridge Public School


CPS Drama presented their play “Did somebody say Murder” on the evenings of May 10 and May 12. The performances took place in the Churchbridge School gymnasium, and were greatly appreciated by audiences on both nights.

The play brought together a large cast, often all crowding onto the stage at the same time. It also presented a very complex story line combining moments of wacky dialogue and rapid head-scratching twists, with the result that a person almost had to take notes to stay up with developments!

The main idea itself was simple. Various guests arrive at an upscale restaurant on murder night, a special night when a murder will apparently be committed and a detective will delight the patrons with his ability to solve it. And that is about the last simple theme of the entire plot.

From there the audience is presented with a series of apparently real murders, the revealing of multiple false identities of characters, and bodies that keep on getting back up off the floor to continue to complicate the plot with even more bizarre twists and turns. Indeed, at one point a character states, “We are quickly running out of victims!”

In the end, the real murderer (who actually did not murder anyone at all) is taken off the stage by one of the many newly-revealed special agents, and the restaurant appoints one of the guests to be their future “detective” on subsequent Murder nights.

Good show, well-performed, and kudos to all involved.

And now, please enjoy a collection of photographs taken at the May 12 performance. Open the viewer by clicking any image.

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