Mayor’s Message – May 2016


Submitted by : Mayor Pauline Chewka

Yay! Spring is here and change is in the air!

I see that Underground Fitness has moved to its new location on Kennedy Drive adding to the ever growing Commercial district, joining Crete-Tek and Broken Kettle Bell Fitness on Broadview Road, and hopefully more business’ to come soon. This of course opens up the downtown location for what will hopefully be a new retail business adding to life on Main Street.

Veterans Ave. is a buzz of activity as well with the new build of Anytime Fitness, and I see lots of action going on at the old Maple Leaf Theatre, which is sure to be an exciting addition.

The most interesting fact is not that we have so many new builds but more that all of these businesses are owned by local residents. People investing back into their community shows a strong and vibrant community and encourages others to do the same. These residents see a need and fill it, see an opportunity and grasp it. I am grateful for each and every one of these new ventures and will support any others coming in the future.

We are indeed a fortunate community. There are many communities even in Saskatchewan who are loosing residents every month instead we have the opposite. These are exciting times.

Mayor Pauline Chewka

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