Hazy Dayz is coming closer!


The Hazy Dayz celebration is coming closer, being held this year on June 24th and 25th, and a number of changes are taking place for the 2016 edition of the popular festival.

Noticeably absent this year is the GX94 Star Search, but it has been replaced by numerous new events with a more local flavour, including a Karaoke competition, a lip sync competition and a Fairy Tale Ball.

Also new this year is a manpower vehicle race. This is going to be a lot of fun, and the organizers are encouraging local teams to form from companies, stores, service groups, schools, churches, etc.

Basically the “vehicle” must have NO motor, and NO pedals or other propulsion devices. It must be man (or woman) powered only. Of course it can have a steering wheel, and since the route will include a ninety-degree turn in the middle of the town, this would be somewhat essential!

Imagination is the name of the game in designing the vehicle. It can be a bed, a settee, a bath tub, a unique construction, or anything that the team desires. However, at the start of the race all four team members (yes each team must have four people) must be able to fit on the contraption. Then, three may disembark to push, pull, or otherwise encourage motion in the thing as it battles against competitors.

The overall theme of Hazy Dayz this year will be the Wild Wild West. In addition to the events already mentioned, there will be the second annual Hazy Blaze Rib cook-off competition on Main Street, the slo pitch competitions at the ball diamonds, Kerr’s bouncers and various food offerings in the food court. The Warriors Alumni game will also take place during the celebration.

Should be fun! Watch for more details as they are released.

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