Hope, Honour and Heroes walk – Stockholm, May 15

The first annual Hope, Honour and Heroes walk will take place on Sunday, May 15th at Macdonald School in Stockholm.  The event is being organized to promote awareness of mental health issues.

Registration will begin at 10 am. There will be activities for the children in the gymnasium between 10 and 11. As a symbol of acknowledgement to loved ones both suffering and lost, floating lanterns will be released into the air to commence the walk. The lanterns can be purchased inside the gymnasium prior to the walk. Walk/Fun Run will follow at 11am. Lunch will be available at 12pm. Program and Entertainment will follow.

All proceeds will go to Saskatchewan Mental Health Association and the Macdonald School outdoor learning centre. Pledge forms can be picked up in the Macdonald school office or downloaded at the website (HERE)

The website also gives the very personal family story that forms part of the background to the walk. Readers are encouraged to visit the site to learn more. (HERE)

The site says, “Mental Illnesses are surprisingly common in children and youth.  Unfortunately, only one in five kids and teens in Canada who need mental health treatment can get it. There are many reasons for this. Parents and caregivers can have mixed feelings about getting their children help for their mental illness. They may worry about being blamed for their child’s change in behaviour, or they worry about what treatments may be tried. Mental illnesses can be frightening, and many people worry what others will think if they talk about their experiences. The good news is that mental illnesses can be treated successfully, and early treatment can help reduce the impact of a mental illness on your child’s life.”

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