EHS activist club will be walking for water

650 million people don’t have access to safe water. Without this basic service, they have no choice but to drink dirty water that could kill them. Can you imagine life without safe water to drink? For millions of people it’s a daily reality.

Everyone everywhere needs a safe and sustainable supply of water: for drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking and growing food. It’s a basic human right.

In many countries around the world, taps, wells and pipes simply don’t exist. Even where they do, they are often not affordable for the poorest people or are not designed to last.

Women and girls suffer the most. They are forced to walk long distances to collect dirty water, wasting their time and energy. This means they miss out on an education, lack the opportunity to make a living, and have little chance to change things. They are also more likely to get sick with water-related diseases.

The EHS Activist Club is partnering with the organization WaterAid Canada to help bring an end to this issue.  We have set a goal of $10,000 that will go towards building a well for a school in need.

A group of high school students will be walking from Stockholm to Esterhazy – a “Walk for Water” – on Sat. May 14th.  The event will conclude at the Esterhazy Museum at approximately 12:00pm.  The entire community is invited to join us to celebrate our accomplishment with a barbeque.  All proceeds from pledges and the barbeque will go towards our campaign.

The group will be canvassing the community on Tues. May 3rd from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Students will be knocking on doors looking for pledges for the “Walk for Water”.  Let’s come together as a regional community to help bring the basic right of clean water to those in need!

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